Hot to trot

T – Bloody hell it was hot last night. I don’t think I slept much at all! I woke drenched in sweat so many times that in the end I tried to sleep outside in my camp chair. But the sound of nearby burros braying and walking around kept me up. So I tried to sleep back in the RV, first on the single captains chair with my legs up on the couch, the wrapped around the kitchen table with my legs on the captains chair. No such luck! Finally I just crawled back into the bunk, kicked Chantelle back over to her side of the bed and drifted in and out of sleep until the sun crept up over the horizon.

C – We had such a spectacular view from the camp, and although it was steaming hot in the valley, it was a really lovely camp site. I also tried to sleep in my camp chair for a while and it was just long enough for our overcab bed in the RV to cool down enough for me to get some sleep. I did enjoy listening to burros make their racket all night!


T – We traced more of Route 66 from here, criss crossing the interstate until we hit Kingman. It was here that we decided to check out a museum. The Power House museum. It was pretty cool and had some great information on the old days of the road but the most interesting part for me was in the lower part. There a selection of old and new electric cars was housed. Including an electric motorbike! It was pretty interesting to read how in the early 1920’s electric cars were built with up to 210 miles of range and only 6 hours of charge time. This was all achieved nearly 100 years ago. How come we haven’t improved on that since then?


Chantelles mum and dad headed off to the Mojave museum to check out the history of the local first nations people and Chantelle and I wandered over to the motorcycle shop.

C – The Harley Davidson store was a leather maker and it was pretty cool to check out their products. The staff were really friendly too and we even signed their visitors book!


T – Then we were back on the road and heading for Flagstaff. We pulled into the small settlement of Hackberry. There was some really cool cars parked around the place and an old bike frame from some unknown motorcycle. Can anyone tell me what it might be?

dsc05965 dsc05969


C – I was particularly taken with the old Thunderbird rusting away in the backyard. She was a beauty and in need of some lovin’… do you think Rosie would mind if we carted her home???


T – We had a wander in the old general store and Chantelles mum was ready to buy a few souvenirs and as she stood at the counter ready to pay, the lady owner came in the front door demanding everyone get out of her way and being terribly rude to everyone in general. So Chantelles mum did the best thing and voted with her feet. Placing the knick knacks she wanted onto the counter and just walking out. Customer service has gone to the dogs it seems!

dsc05971 dsc05976 dsc05975

We ambled along enjoying the scenery and soon came to the town of Seligman. Here we parked up and wandered the street. Poking about in the various Route 66 paraphernalia shops and buying our souvenirs. I bought Mabel a Route 66 sticker, as she has ridden part of it, and another patch for my jacket.


Then we hit the mother lode. A little shop housing a heap of motorcycles. Not just any motorcycles though, little Hondas! Cubs, and scramblers, tourers and two strokes. We were in heaven and spent the next half hour oohing and ahhing over the beautiful little machines.

dsc05981 dsc05987 dsc05984 dsc05994 dsc05990

C – Ooohhh I could of stayed in that shop all day, poking around the little motorcycles…. they were soooo beautiful! Perhaps Rosie and I could move in there with the Thunderbird and live happily ever after??? Perhaps we could convince Mabel and Todd to join us!


T – Then it was time to push on and start thinking about a camp. Chantelle picked one out in a national forest just a short drive out of Flagstaff.


We followed the short dirt road in and after a bit of back and forth driving we finally settled on a place over looking some trees and some nearby hills. We sat outside and drank some cold beers and watched the sun go down. Quite lovely really.

dsc05998 dsc06008 dsc06011

Then the coyotes started howling. What a beautiful sound! I had an app on my phone that I had been told some hunters used to call coyotes in, illegally of course, so we set it up on our Bluetooth speaker and played around with it for a bit. Though I think that maybe the coyotes were a bit far away to hear it.

Then it was time for dinner and bed. Tomorrow we are going to empty the stank tank out and carry on towards the Grand Canyon.

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6 thoughts on “Hot to trot

  1. Dar

    Doesn’t the RV have airconditioning or a fan mode on the furnace thermostat? Ours does if the AC is too loud, try running the fan mode instead.

    Sounds like a fun trip!

    • tncpowell

      Haha. It sure does and I have now discovered it! Thanks to you!!!!! We will work this thing out by the time we take it back!

  2. Deb

    Sounds like you are having a really marvellous trip! All the adventures and experiences of a lifetime! Think of you often and so enjoy reading all about those adventures. Keep them coming and more safe travels!
    Deb and Bill

    • tncpowell

      Oh wow. Thank you guys! We have been very lucky to be able to do this trip. Your gifts of jumper and gloves has saved us on many a cold night!!!!

  3. Jax

    OMG that Honda Shop…. what a gem!!!

    • tncpowell

      I know! And it was in a totally unexpected place! We loved it! No one has spotted the wanna be Honda yet though….Theres a Suzuki in there that looks just like a C90!

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