66 all the way. To New Mexico anyway..

T – It was a hot sleep last night. In fact I spent a few hours wide awake. The vent over our bed doesn’t seem to open and all the heat of four bodies sleeping in this confined space is collecting right in the spot we are sleeping. I was down to just my undies and sweating up a storm.

Eventually the sun peeked over the horizon and I climbed, bleary eyed, from the RV to greet the day. Everyone else was still dozing so I wandered about the place trying to be quiet.

dsc05911 dsc05909

Once everyone was up we had our breakfast and packed up, which took about two seconds, and then we were off. Chantelle’s parents were keen to do a  heap of Route 66 as were we.

So we trundled along, checking out the deserted homes and gas stations along the way.

dsc05915 dsc05917 dsc05920

It was amazing how quickly we could cover ground in this machine. We could do in two hours what would take Rosie and Mabel a day to do! We ducked on and off the Interstate, following the old road as much as possible. It was pretty cool to see the old road and the bits and pieces of history that made it up. The interstate seems so boring and bland in comparison.

dsc05924 dsc05926

C – As we discovered on the bikes, some of the route was in serious disrepair and Mum and I were laughing a lot at the rattling going on in the back of the RV. Mum spent most of the morning, seatbelted in to the dinette seating and reaching across holding down the stove hotplate which doesn’t actually seem to be attached to anything!!!!

T – We climbed a pass just after the town of Oatman which features wild burros that wander its streets seeking handouts of food from the tourists that ply this place.

dsc05931 dsc05939 dsc05940

C – Mum and Dad were keen to have a wander around Oatman and we accidentally ended up in a saloon which  by chance was only serving icecream and soda. I accidentally ended up with a caramel pecan praline icecream… which was seriously the BEST icecream I have ever tasted! I am not generally a big icecream fan (something which Todd doesn’t really understand) but this icecream was just amazing!!!!

We were excited about the next section of route, with the map promising us sharp curves and steep grades up to a viewing point. It certainly didn’t disappoint! The road was spectacular, although in the RV it was quite narrow. We put Mum in front as Dad does not cope with heights very well…. but this really wasn’t the best plan either, as Mum wasn’t the best passenger with the tight corners! By the time we reached the summit the views were spectacular!! The road also made us think about poor Rosie and Mabel, all alone at the RV company missing this spectacular ride! Although Mabel would complain about the uphills!!!!

T – We found a nice spot to camp just a little bit along the way. It was on BLM land and offered us views out across a gorgeous little valley. Chantelles mum went and had a poo in the bush, a very green sloppy one she told us, which she didn’t bury. So we sent her back out with a dust pan full of gravel to find the thing and bury it. And she never found it. So good luck to the poor sod that comes along and discovers that little treasure!

dsc05945 dsc05950 dsc05953 dsc05960

C – It was absolutely hilarious when Mum came back.. she isnt used to any form of camping and pooing in the bush is new to her. She had tears of laughter when she came back, and when she was telling us she couldn’t find her poo it was hysterical! And set the tone for the rest of the evening!

dsc05962 dsc05961

t – It was a gorgeous night for us to be sitting outside but it did promise to be a warm one.

Tomorrow we shall continue on and follow the old route.

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6 thoughts on “66 all the way. To New Mexico anyway..

  1. Dna

    Hey M and R…. make the most of that warm weather… still freezing here….

    • tncpowell

      Oh yes, they are!

  2. Jax

    There is an art to pooing in the bush… usually requiring a shovel and a lighter 😉

    • tncpowell

      A lighter????? Do tell!!!

      • Jax

        Burn the loo paper after use – so that it doesn’t blow away or get dug up by animals

        • tncpowell

          Never thought of that one!

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