Doing the rootin’ tootin’ route

Not too many photos today. Most of our time was spent packing up and storing the bikes away and picking the RV up.

So we grabbed the RV from LA and after much paper work and painfully slow check out process we were on the road. Just in time for the rush hour craziness! Now I have driven trucks before, of various sizes including heavy mining Cat 777 dump trucks, but never in traffic like this! I have never seen so many cars before. Passing us all around and then over the top of us on the overpasses! Certainly an experience! I liken it to the trip we had riding scooters through Vietnam. Just sheer craziness!!!!!!!

We tried to escape the clutches of the city as quickly as we could and two hours and 30 kilometers later we pulled into a Walmart to stock up the RV with goodies for the road trip.

Chantelles parents had never been to the states before so they were Walmart virgins! We had fun showing them around the store and pointing out the BB guns and selections of ammunition that they could buy straight off of the shelf if they so chose!

Then we threw ourselves back into the traffic throngs! Dropping onto the interstate and crawling along at 25 mph for another hour. As the traffic thinned we picked up speed and raced into the gathering darkness.


The long lines of bright headlights snaking towards us was an incredible thing to see. It came at us for miles and miles. Where is it all going? Where is it all coming from? Craziness! It was here we started to miss our girls already. We had begrudgingly left them behind in the safe clutches of the RV company.


Some two hours later I had to stop. My eyes were growing heavy and I was feeling tired as buggery. It was time to pull over, east some dinner and camp. We pulled into an OHV recreation area and found some flat ground. It was here the RV started to pay for itself immediately. The fridge contained some ice cold delicious Tecate Mexican beer. MMMmmmmmmmmm.



Then it was time to crawl into the bunk and sleep the night away! Tomorrow we shall drive a big chunk of the old Mother Road!

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2 thoughts on “Doing the rootin’ tootin’ route

  1. Wow you are getting the full travel experience! We RV in the summer and I gotta say I love the queensize bed, shower and toilet. Not to mention a full kitchen. This sure must be different and than camping and riding Mabel and Rosie. I bet Mabel and Rosie are glad for the rest.

    • tncpowell

      We are making plans to buy some such machine when we return home! So long as we can put our bikes on the back, or inside it, of course!

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