Hanging in LA

So we havent been up to much since we have been in LA. Just enjoying some down time, hence the lack of updates.

While we were at Alisa and Edwards we had a great time with these guys. It was brilliant to be hanging out with them and we both are starting to feel the weariness of the last nearly 6 months of being on the road. We do love moving like we do, but it is time for us to take a break and reset.

DSC05817 DSC05823 DSC05825

Alisa took us out to eat at the famous In-N-Out Burger joint we have been hearing so much about.


DSC05812 DSC05813

That night had us enjoying Edwards Korean BBQ, which was delicious! before we all headed off to bed for a good sleep.

DSC05831 DSC05839 DSC05842

The next day saw us packing up and heading into our hotel. We had to travel a small distance, but due to the amount of traffic on the road it took us the best part of the day. I swear we got every red light!

Finally, exhausted, we checked into the hotel and fell into our bed and snored the night away.

We took a short ride around the city and we were both surprised about how easy it is to ride here. The traffic, though fast, is quite well behaved and much easier to deal with than the traffic in Sydney! Possibly because there is a gazillion lanes for everyone to choose form.

DSC05844 DSC05847 DSC05846

We rode past Venice Beach where all the pretty people were and then past the Santa Monica pier, which looks exactly how it does in the movies, and wound our way up Sunset Blvd through Beverly Hills and up into the roads below the Hollywood sign.



We saw tons of Bentlys, Mercs, BMW’s, the odd Ferrari and Lambo(now that’s a sexy car) before stopping at the Grand Central Market for an expensive pizza. All in all LA isn’t a bad place. But it is just a city. Full of people and traffic.


Then we had a day where we lounged about our room. We just watched Netflix and generally we were lazy as hell!

Yesterday we picked up Chantelles parents from the airport and as they were keen to see as much as possible of the place in the next 3 weeks we hopped onto one of the open topped hop on hop off city buses.

DSC05863 DSC05864

We ended up cruising around the whole city over the course of the day until jet lag finally caught up with them. Then it was time for dinner and we bundled the parents off to bed.


DSC05886 DSC05884

Tomorrow we pick up our RV and head off into the countryside. The bikes are being stored away for 3 weeks and once we get back shall be undergoing some maintenance before we head for the border.

We shall post updates, but they may not be as often and wont be about bikes!

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