Chillaxin, not too much taxin……..

We didn’t have too much planned today. Which was lovely! Craig invited us to stay another night if we wished and we gratefully accepted. He then decided to take us out to see Joshua Tree National park.

DSC05756 DSC05760 DSC05761

We had seen some amazing photos that Craigs wife had taken around the place and we were very excited to visit the places she had been.

After an awesome breakfast of cereal and blueberries drowning in milk we piled into the car and went for a drive.


Joshua Tree is stunning. The rocks everywhere are just so damn beautiful. I was so distracted by staring at them that I forgot I had my camera in hand!

DSC05766 DSC05771 DSC05775 DSC05781

Craig showed us through the camps and then took us up to the lookout spot where we could see the San Andreas fault running through the valley below us! Very cool!

DSC05782 DSC05786 DSC05789

Then we went for a quick spin through town before going back to Craigs and spending the evening chilling out and chatting. It was a great way to spend the day as even though we have had a few breaks lately, Chantelle and I are feeling a little weary. We have three weeks off of the bikes coming up and we both know that we shall miss the girls terribly, but it will recharge our batteries before we head south into Mexico! Which we are both getting very excited about!

The day was topped off by Craig cooking us some incredible ribs smothered in herbs and sauce. They were divine and the meat just fell off the bones! I stuffed myself silly and then out came the icecream. Oh my. I may never leave the couch!

DSC05790 DSC05791 DSC05794

We chilled out on the lounge and watched a show about tiny houses. They look like a great idea and maybe its something to put in the memory bank for when we eventually get back to Australia.

Tomorrow we are going to head for LA. Both of us have a yearning to see the coast and the sea. Though I am not looking forward to the LA traffic I must say….

It looks as though we may have a few free days inn the city, so if anyone can suggest some must do, and cheap or free, things to see then please let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Chillaxin, not too much taxin……..

  1. Jax

    Tell Craig to save some ribs for me!!

    • tncpowell

      Too late. All gone!!!

  2. Jax

    Is Scarlet going to Disneyland?

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Probably not!!!

      • Jax

        Beware a sulking bear.

  3. Dar

    I can sure understand why you are feeling a bit weary! Hope you get some really good down time, I bet Mabel and Rosie need a little rest too.

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