Joshua Tree!

T – Not too many pictures today. It was a short riding day for us.

Neither of us managed to sleep well last night. The ground out there in Amboy held onto the fierce heat of the day and then radiated it up through our sleeping mats all night. It became a very warm sticky uncomfortable night thats for sure!


We were up and packed very early this morning. Our intention to be over the next set of mountains before the sun got up any heat. Any little bit we can do to help our girls!


We just flew across the landscape today. Straight up and over the mountains and zipped down the other side. It was a very short ride and then we were pulling into 29 Palms. We decided to go and look for a diner for some breakfast. A can of mozzie repellent had decided to empty its contents into our food box just the other day and now everything we had in there tasted like deet. Not so pleasant!


So we filled ourselves up on Dennys pancakes and burritos before heading a short distance up the road to our stay for the next day. The GPS seemed to be a little confused as to where we should really turn and took us partway up a sandy road before we realised we were headed in the wrong direction. At which point Rosie decided it was time she let all the air out of her rear tyre via a nice little hole. Again.


Well I have lost count of the amount of times I have had the rear tyres off on these bikes, but suffice to say I can now change a tyre and tube in less than 10 minutes. Even in the hot sun, in the hot sand, on the side of a busy road.

Soon enough we had the tyre fixed and the GPS rerouted and we were pulling up at Craigs house.

We had a lovely chat and a couple of cold beers and had a great time. Eventually time came for us to go to bed. My eyes felt like they were hanging out of my head on stalks and had been rolled around in a kitty litter tray. I was so tired.

I flopped onto the bed and I could hear myself snorting and snoring like an old bull before I even hit the mattress.

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