Get your kicks…..on the damaged route 66

T – So while we ate some weird tasting breakfast and packed up our camp this morning we decided we would head towards Panamint Springs where we would veer off and head south and east. We are keen to meet a member of a Honda CT forum who we have heard some really great things about and figure we can take a couple of days to get there.

We were on the road nice and early which was good as it was quite cool for the final climb out of Death Valley. I really like riding at this time of the morning and later in the arvo just before it gets dark.


We climbed the mountains that ring Death Valley before we zoomed down a fun bit of road that zipped back and forth all the way into Panamint Valley where it then shot out across the valley floor, arrow straight and into Panamint Springs.


It was a fun ride down and we both clutched our bikes in for a bit. Mabel reaching a dizzying 95km/hr! We shot out into the valley and cruised slowly up into Panamint Springs. We had picked a road here that turned left and ran across beautiful nothingness in southerly direction before it joined back up with some major highways.

DSC05711 DSC05714

It was very pretty out here. I love this desert stuff! We passed through a town that looked as though it used to be a prosperous little place but was now full of boarded up, burnt down, and smashed in homes and businesses. There was a large factory here that belched out nasty chemical smells and we just rode straight on through. Our noses stinging and our eyes streaming from the stench.


Eventually we hit the town of Kramer. We decided to turn east from here and head for a place called Amboy. This dot on the map was situated along a stretch of old Route 66 and we were both keen to ride a decent section of it.


Well ‘decent’ is the wrong word for it! The poor old Mother Road was in such bad shape along here. The road torn up with craters and cracks all through it. We tried to grab a photo that showed the state of it, but I am sure there are better parts of the road for that and we shall visit some more of it with Chantelles parents in a week or so.


We finally pulled into Amboy as the sun set on a very warm day. Both of our bikes sat in the driveway of Roys Cafe, ticking and groaning in the heat. Both leaving little oil stains on the dry ground beneath them.

DSC05729 DSC05734

We had a cold drink and enjoyed the air conditioning in the cafe and admired the old diner. The owner chatted to us about the place and told us he did quite well out here from the tourism trade. He then asked us if we wanted to camp behind the old hanger out the back of the cafe as the place we wanted to camp, Amboy Crater, was frequented by BLM staff who kicked campers out.

So we set up our tent on a bit of ground littered with broken glass and bits of Route 66’s past and crawled into bed. We left the rain fly off as it was very warm and left the sleeping bags packed away on the bikes.



Tomorrow we shall head into Joshua Tree and meet up with our friend. Both of us are in need of a shower to wash away the sweat from the last two days of gloriously warm riding.


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  1. Jax

    What a great old sign!

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