The conflicts of Vegas

T – It is always nice to sleep in a proper bed! I crashed last night and slept like a bay. Though I did have some weird dreams. Too much cheese with my nachos last night perhaps? Got to love those cheese dreams.

We decided to take our time in getting up and about this morning. No particular reason. Just that we had no where to be so why rush!


Chantelle had chosen one of the strips cheapest breakfast buffets for us to go to this morning. And cheap it was. But bloody hell was there some food on offer! Anything I could have wanted, from cereal right through to Chinese food and cakes.


C – Todd had been talking eating at a buffet since we arrived in the US, so I figured now was as good a time as any. I found a highly recommend one at a casino quite close to us, hoping it was going to be decent food. But then, for $11.99 for all you eat champagne breakfast…..


T – I had a selection of stuff. And finished it up with some cake. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with the waitress over what we wanted to drink and we ended up with 4 small glasses of free champagne. Ok…


Feeling terribly full and sick we wandered out to the strip and caught the bus down to the big casino district.DSC05654 DSC05658

We had a wander through a few but neither of us felt the vibe of the place that we had all those years ago.

DSC05667 DSC05666 DSC05671

I was quite conflicted with the masses of homeless begging for money. I know we are on this amazing world trip, and maybe my opinion shouldn’t count,  but I was totally saddened that these people had given up to the point that they were standing on the side of the footpath with a cardboard sign saying ‘Veteran needs money’, or ‘Homeless, anything will help’. It was so constantly in my face that I found I quickly began to ignore them. Not even bothering to read their signs. And I didn’t like that I was like that. I wish I could help them all out. I really do. But I don’t know that just giving them money is the answer. For me the lowest moment was when a fellow was using a very disabled and seemingly drunk lady in a wheel chair to get money from tourists in Fremont Mall. I didn’t feel he was there for her, only for himself. How do we let this happen? Where is the help that that lady needs? What is wrong with us wealthy Westerners that we are so focussed on money and ourselves that we can’t help these people?

And therein lies my conflict. I have to look after me and mine. Because but for a fine line I too could be holding up that sign. Plying tourists for a dollar. Very sad.

And then like a shining light was a man in the middle of Fremont Mall. A man by the name of Constant. A self described warrior and survivor.  He had no use of his legs whatsoever. But he had a message of hope written on his placard. That he wanted to show others who were down on their luck that there were other options. He had an act and he used it to get the crowd in. For some reason this one man and his simple message and actions really inspired me. I wanted to empty my already empty wallet into his case. So I gave him what I could. I felt it was the least I could offer him.

Then we wandered the mall a little more while I thought about Constant. I don’t know what it was but he really struck a cord in me.

We had a small dinner and then wandered back to the hotel. I was tired. Vegas had worn me out. Maybe I am too old for this place.

DSC05675 DSC05676 DSC05683 DSC05690

C – Interesting how things change over time, although its not Vegas that has changed. We have changed. We have travelled so much since our last visit here 8 years and our attitude towards life has changed.

T – Tomorrow we get back onto our little bikes and head out of this place and towards Death Valley. And I would be lying if I said I was sad to leave Vegas this time around.

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2 thoughts on “The conflicts of Vegas

  1. Jax

    Did you revisit Elvis?

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Not this time! Though I am sure we saw more Elvis impersonators there last time. None this time around.

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