What a pair of lazy so and so’s.

T – What a great sleep! Two nights in a row of amazing sleeping. I think I really needed it! We woke to the smell of fresh hot brewed coffee. Not a bad way to wake up at all! It was so quiet here last nice that you could have heard a pin drop! We had a great little spot in the basement and I was in my element! In case you hadn’t noticed I really like being below ground for some reason, so for me this was a perfect place to be sleeping!


We wandered up to the kitchen where we were greeted by cups of coffee and a breakfast feast! Cereal was on offer here and I was only too happy to do my part with emptying the cereal box! Give me an underground home and an endless supply of cereal and milk and I’m yours!

We eventually dragged our lazy asses out to the bikes and went off in search of a Walmart, which we hate and love all at once, to find some fresh batteries for our GPS. This tiny little endeavour managed to take up our whole morning and then we went to have lunch with Jude at her work.

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C – I am really not too sure what happened this morning, but it seems a quick trip to Walmart for batteries and the neighbouring auto store for a fresh supply of oil took us all morning! We then set the GPS for Jude’s work and cruised through the streets of SLC, admiring the feel and layout of the city. We feasted on Vietnamese Banh Mi and again managed to talk up a storm!!

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T – Wow. Jude has such an interesting job! She is a research scientist at a cancer research center here in the city. When she offered to show us into the lab where she works we both got really excited! This trip is bringing us into contact with some amazing people from places we would never have imagined we would have met. From people working in cancer research, to in flight refuelling boom operators, to hunting guides and even an ex flight forward controller who worked at, of all places, Nevadas Groom Lake (otherwise known as Area 51). We are truly lucky!

After seeing and hearing what Jude does every day, working with DNA and building genes so bloody cool, we had another crack at finishing our errands.

Finally we pulled back up at Jude and Andreas’ place where I removed a link from Mabel and Rosie’s stretched chains, noted the unusual and heavy wear of my rear sprocket, cleaned and rebuilt Rosies carby, adjust clutches and did a general check over of the bikes.


Then Andreas cooked up some heavenly burgers and salad for dinner and we sat around laughing and chatting and trying to work out a route for us on the Pony Express. It will be cool for us to take our little mail man motorcycles down the same route that horse riders used to race along with their mail!

DSC05441 DSC05444 DSC05448

Then it was time for bed. We have some more research to do on tomorrows potential route and it will involve us needing to carry extra gas and water as the miles between fuel stops is too close to our range to be comfortable.

Tomorrow we deliver mail on the old mail route! Probably….

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6 thoughts on “What a pair of lazy so and so’s.

  1. Jax

    You need some proper postie panniers to deliver mail… and a flag!

    • tncpowell

      Yes please!!!! You can bring us some over!!! We will wait! Maybe Mo would like to ride the Pony Express?

      • Jax

        Well I do need someone to change my tyres 🙂

        • tncpowell

          If I have to change one more frigging tyre……It was Mabels turn today.

  2. Dar

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jude when she was on the island for a quick visit.

    • tncpowell

      Gday Dar! Haven’t heard from you in ages! Jude is a wonderful lady! We were so lucky to have been able to stay with her and Andreas!

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