Mmmm cereal… Gimme… NOW!!

T – I slept so damn well last night! After we pulled into the hotel and threw our stuff on the floor I had a nice hot shower and by the time my face hit the pillow I am sure I was already snoring and drooling.

There was a free breakfast on offer with our room and I was up nice and early, 630 am, to make sure I didn’t miss out on it! This is where I make up for the cost of the room. They had cereal which is something I really relish these days, being that cereal doesn’t seem to survive too well on the bikes. So I had a few ginourmous servings of the stuff plus a few gallons of apple juice. Mmm mmmm.

C – I was not as excited as Todd about breakfast, particularly at 0630 when breakfast didn’t actually finish until 9am. I managed to crawl out of bed as Todd promised me lots of coffee and we made it down to breakfast for 7.30. Todd was in heaven as he poured copious amounts of fresh milk on his cereal. I was just very happy to pour fresh, full fat milk into my precious coffee!!!

T – We then lounged around in the room for a bit, writing the blog and just chilling out. We had a check out time of 1200pm and we were determined to check out at the last possible minute. It was great and yes it was terribly lazy of us.

C – I had been in touch with our host, Jude, over Facebook and suddenly my computer was making a noise I hadn’t heard before and telling me Jude was calling. How?!?!?! I am not good with technology beyond the use of Microsoft Office for boring work tasks and I had no idea before this that Facebook Messenger has a call function! We arranged to meet Jude for Thai in the city and eagerly packed our bikes with our tummies making loud requests for food.

DSC05430 DSC05429

C – I was really excited to meet Jude, and to be honest, she was our main motivation for heading to Salt Lake City. Jude is the administrator of a Facebook site call Women Adventure Riders and the group is full of incredibly talented woman who are super supportive of each other. Jude has managed to foster such a wonderful culture in this online group and there was no way I could be in Utah and not meet her! I encourage any motorcycling ladies out there to join the group and experience the wonderfulness that is Women Adventure Riders!

T – Both bikes seemed to be running really well. Which made me happy, considering the punishment they had the day before. There were some parts of the mountains yesterday that had us both back to first gear.

C – We were both somewhat apprehensive about checking the girls over after yesterday, but surprisingly they both survived full of oil and ready for the new day!

T – It was great to catch up with Jude after having heard about her so much from Chantelle. We enjoyed a great chat and an amazing lunch and the conversation flowed as though we were all old mates from way back! It’s always nice when it is so easy like this, and in fact it has been with everyone we have stayed with so far!

After lunch, thanks Jude for taking us out, we decided to go into the city centre and check out the big complex that belonged to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was massive. There were some gorgeous features of the old buildings and the engineering that went into was truly impressive. We finished off our tour by being taken to the rooftop of one of the towers there which gave us some great views out over Salt Lake City.

DSC05432 DSC05433 DSC00243

T – Then I had a massive icecream. Because why not! Choc chip mint and vanilla praline or some such thing. So good!

DSC05437 DSC05439

C – Whilst Todd had craving for icecream, I was craving ice coffee! After Todd enjoyed his large serving, we ventured off to find a coffee roasters. We stumbled across the Raw Bean and had a truly wonderful ice latte… mmmmmmmmmmm

T – We cruised through the streets for a short while, enjoying being on our little bikes. We both have developed some very strong bonds with these tough little machines.

We eventually wound our way through some back streets to Jude and Andreas’ house. It was such a gorgeous home. Full of delightful woodwork and so much character.

These below pictures were taken by Jude and Andreas.

14124879_10210609909833424_7913087223997671437_o 14100239_10210609909553417_3710001691132427597_n 14068013_10210609909673420_8690882031310344818_o

C – As usual, the evening turned into a yack fest and we thoroughly enjoyed Jude and Andreas’ company. Such a wonderful people! We must admit to also getting a bit gaga over their beautiful dog, Sadie. Such a sweetheart.

T – I hung out in the workshop with Andreas and his mate Bruce for a bit while they worked on Andreas V-Strom which was so pleasant. It’s always nice to hang out with bike minded people and pick their brains about where to ride and what to ride.

T – Way too soon it was dinner time and bed. I was totalled and was looking forward to a comfy nights sleep.

T – Tomorrow we are going to pick up a few items in town and do a little maintenance on the bikes. We plan on doing the old Pony Express Route from here through to Nevada starting on Wednesday, but we have a heap of research to do in regards to the length of it, the availability of fuel and whether the roads are all open.

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2 thoughts on “Mmmm cereal… Gimme… NOW!!

  1. Jax

    Hollow legs Todd?

    • tncpowell

      I do occasionally suffer from that yes! Especially when cereal is on offer!

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