We think, maybe, we went too far….

T – No one had generators here last night. In fact there was only one other person camping within cooee of us and I think they were in bed before we were! I had gotten up in the night for a pee break and ended up standing outside staring up into the sky at the millions of twinkling stars. It was a damn good camp spot.

C – What a beautiful, quiet and peaceful night. A perfect nights sleep! Oh, except for the mouse that scared the bejeezers out of me in the middle of night! I woke up and directly above my head on the mesh of the tent was a mouse, staring back at me. I did not expect that and jumped, scaring the poor little thing who then ran up and over the tent and out between the mesh and the rain fly.


T – After the usual eat, pack scenario we continued on our way down through the Red Canyon. We had been given a route to Salt lake City from here that took us through all the scenic roads and avoided the busy ones. It meant a longer distance, but we were happy to not be caught up in too much traffic.

C – We camped quite high (again at 2400mtrs) and it was really quite chilly this morning. We both chose to keep our thermals on and as soon as we hit the road, we were both extremely glad of us!

T – We crossed through typical Utah scenery of dramatic rock formations and deep gorges. The road we were following winding back and forth up and down. It was very pretty!

DSC05406 DSC05407 DSC05409

We stopped at an overlook and had a gentleman come over to us to enquire about the bikes and what we were doing. It started with the normal questions of how far, how long, how big are the bikes and how fast they go. When we told him what we were doing and how far we were going and the speed we did it at he laughed at us and then just walked away. It was weird and both of us felt a little miffed and insulted.


C – By this point I couldn’t feel my hands and so opted to dig out my beautiful, amazing winter gloves. The elevations keeping the air a chilly temperature.

T – So we rolled on. Climbing another mountain. And then another and another. In fact today we ended up summiting 6 mountains all around 2700 meters! Our bikes worked super hard.

DSC05414 DSC05416 DSC05418

We passed through hot, beautiful landscapes. Utah is sure gorgeous.



We rode alot. We rode far. Then we rode a little more. Eventually stopping in a little town called Duchense for some dinner and a beer. We used their wifi to pick a camp just up the road. Well another 85 km’s up the road to be precise. By the time we ate and left the diner it was already pushing 7pm.


We rode up another pass. The temperature plummeted as did the sun. We climbed and climbed and finally turned into the camp site we had picked. At over 2700 meters it was damn cold up there. Freezing cold. I had lost my jumper along the way and with my sleeping mat now refusing to hold any air, I knew I wouldn’t be getting a good sleep up there. So we made the decision to push on and camp a little bit further down the mountain.

DSC05423 DSC05424 DSC05426

So on we raced. Into the growing darkness. Our one candle power headlights lighting up, well nothing really. We found a small turn out and pulled in to see if there was a flat place to pitch our tent. Nope. Not here. Onwards!!!

C – I think we were both really enjoying the riding and that affected our decision making on when to camp. We kept making excuses about the elevation and the cold.

T – About 10 minutes up the road my gut told me we should turn around and go back to that turn out. That we had stuffed up and were looking at no camping possibilities between here and Salt Lake City.

I ignored my gut instinct. Thinking that we would find something. We always do.

T – We didnt. In fact we couldn’t even find a hotel to stay in. With nothing but to ride some more we set the GPS for Salt Lake City. Which is where we ended up at midnight. Some 640 kms from where we had started this morning. 15 hours of riding time under our belts for the day.

C – When we arrived in Kamas we conceded we might need to find a hotel. We discovered that there were none in town, confirmed by a couple at a gas station. They recommended we push on to Park City, 13 miles. Whats another 13miles at this point? We arrived in Park City to find it a very expensive place – no cheap hotels here, just big fancy resorts. We stopped at a few places but it was just too much.

We found a cheap Super 8 hotel and called it a night. Im sure I was asleep before my face even touched the pillow.

Tomorrow we are off to stay with some people that Chantelle knows from a womens adventure riders group on facebook.

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11 thoughts on “We think, maybe, we went too far….

  1. Sam Dominguez

    I was wondering how you guys got to Salt Lake so fast. The last time I checked the blog you guys were in Tuscan haha! Get some rest!

    • tncpowell

      We just couldn’t stop riding!!!!!!!!! How goes your trip?

      • Sam Dominguez

        Going well. Making a dead drop sprint north cause its soooo cold! Have someone to stay with in Vancouver

        • tncpowell

          Lucky! Vancouver is a cool city!

  2. Jax

    Perhaps you went “too far”…

    • tncpowell

      Yes. We sure did. But we were in the riding zone!!!!!!

    • tncpowell

      Dammit, Chantelle just pointed out that you were in fact referring to my terrible grammar!!! Hahaha!!

      • Jax

        It gives me no pleasure….
        [who am I kidding :-p ]

        • tncpowell

          Hahahaaha!! I need someone to pick up on my stuff ups! Stoopid grammah and spelings and thingz

  3. Dna

    Any idea when the farkle garage episode going to be available?

    • tncpowell

      No idea! Not too long I dont think! We are just writing you an email at the moment!

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