Leaking gas

T – Last night was gorgeous! It was quite still and sheltered in the little canyon where we had camped. We slept with the fly off of the new tent and it was lovely to wake up in the middle of the night and gaze up at the stars while being protected from the bloody sucking nasties that zoomed around outside.

We were woken up nice and early by the droning of the neighbours generator. Well the screaming rattling banshee noise of the ancient old thing to be exact.

DSC05355 DSC05356

We packed up camp quickly and headed back up the canyon road to the overlook for the dam wall. As it was very early we pretty well had the place to ourselves. So we cooked up a feast of scrambled eggs, jalapenos, spinach and mushrooms and fixed Mabels fuel tank with some fang dangled repair kit.

DSC05358 DSC05360 DSC05357 DSC00231

C – The air was beginning to warm up and we could tell it was going to be a warm one today. We wanted to get out some miles before it got too hot, so the girls could rest during the hottest part of the day.

T – Then it was time to knock out some miles. Our vague direction being north.

I filled up Mabels tank slowly, checking for any leaks around the newly repaired section. There was none!! Woohoo!!!!!

We slowly scooted north. Sticking more or less to the paved sections of road so we could make some good distance. The only problem with this, it wasn’t a terribly exciting ride.

DSC05362 DSC05363

C – By the afternoon we started to climb in elevation. We knew this would be the case as we headed north of Phoenix towards Flagstaff. The desert giving way to alpine flora. One thing I was not expecting though – to go from being warm and sticky on the bike to shivering my butt off. It was really getting quite cold as we climbed in elevation and by the time we reached a National Forest camping area, we were well and truly ready to warm up.


T – We slogged out the miles on busy roads towards a camp we had picked. The going today felt super super slow and we only managed 240kms before calling it a day and pitching our tent under the canopy of some towering pine trees.

DSC05364 DSC05366

C – We were hoping to sleep without the fly again, but with the chill at 2400mtrs, we decided it definitely had to go on!

DSC05368 DSC00229

T- It was a pretty uneventful day. Just ride ride ride. Tomorrow we should manage to cross into Utah easily enough and we should get to see some of the Grand Canyon.

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2 thoughts on “Leaking gas

  1. Jax

    Nice digs!!

    • tncpowell

      We like them too!!! How goes the moving?

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