Picked up the bikes!

This morning was set to be an exciting morning. We were due to head out to some shopping with Eva and pick up the bikes!!! We were both super excited to have our girls back!!


After hitting some cool stores with Eva, we headed to Franks. The girls were ready to rock and in no time we had said our thanks and goodbyes and headed back to Eva’s with the girls. Rosie was purring like a little kitten and felt stable with her now repaired (fingers crossed) rear wheel.


We headed out with Eva to see some more camping and motorcycle gear stores and ventured into REI. What a store! We ended up purchasing a new REI brand tent to replace our now very deteriorated Vango tent. We also purchased a multi fuel MSR stove, which are both very excited about!!

Eva’s friend Randall met us there and after a walk around and immature giggles in the toilet section, we headed to La Indita for dinner. OMG! What a Mexican feast. The food was amazing and very much coma inducing!

DSC05291 DSC05290

T – Thanks so much Randall for taking us out for dinner! Please slow down and stop doing 180mph on your bike!!!


Tomorrow, we have to say goodbye to Tucson and the wonderful Eva and continue our journey.

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