Relax don’t do it, when you want to go to it, relax don’t do it

This isn’t going to be the normal way of writing our blog up! So apologies for the several days rolled into one. We have had a heap of downtime while we wait for Rosie to get her wheel fixed and we thought maybe us writing 2 lines each day saying that we were laying in the pool drinking beers and talking to parrots wouldn’t be that exciting! So I shall try to make up for it with a heap of photos.

DSC05188 DSC05184

So basically we have done some relaxing and haven’t even been near the bikes. Which has been nice in a way. Both of us have been exhausted and we think it is because this is the first time we have really stopped for an extended time.

Our Motostays host, Eva, has made life here so easy for us and we have been so lucky. She has an amazing home with a gorgeous pool and we have also had the luxury of being able to borrow her car. Thanks so much Eva! It is going to be tough to leave from here tomorrow!

So on Saturday we went out to one of Eva’s friends houses to meet him and check out his art. He makes sculptures out of motorcycle parts and they are very cool! He has football players, owls and turkeys! Plus he has a few bikes including a couple of Mad Max looking ones. We did give him a bit of a telling off when he told us he likes to ride at over 180 mile an hour. Thats over 300 km/hr! Naughty boy!

DSC05185 DSC05183 DSC05186 DSC05187

Then it was time for another swim and more beers while the temperature climbed into the 40’s. Bloody blissful! Tucson is almost some type of paradise with this weather!


Frank from ZMW Adventures invited us around to his place for dinner and we were quite happy to eat his salmon steaks and polenta followed by Klondike bars.

Sunday was a nice late sleep in followed by some wandering around town. Eva introduced us to a great shop called Trader Joes where I discovered a big bowl of triple ginger cookies, and then promptly ate the lot!  That was the extent of our days effort and we were soon back in the pool with cold beers! Lazy day or what?

DSC05216 DSC05221

Eva had this whole week off of work so there was a few errands she wanted done around the place. We gave her a hand on Monday morning to shop for a new coffee table top and then spent the rest of the day swimming and eating. Told you this blog stuff might have been boring!

DSC05205 DSC05199 DSC05207

Tuesday came and we decided we really should get out and see some of the stuff in Tucson. I was keen to hit the Titan Museum so Eva lent us her truck and we took off. First though I had the GPS coordinates for an abandoned Titan Missile Silo in the desert that just maybe had an entrance broken through by vandals. So we trundled out of town to check it out.


The site was covered in gorgeous cacti and some concrete pads. I could see where there had once been some access holes but they were all concreted up and the old original entrance portal was long ago imploded. A bit of a bugger really as I would have liked to have seen inside a dismantled one. If anyone reading this knows of one I could have a look in then please let me know!

We then headed off to the Titan Museum. What a place. What an amazingly preserved piece of history. It was really cool to be inside one of these cold war silos that still had floors, the old computers, blast doors, lighting, and even a missile!

DSC05228 DSC05233 DSC05232 DSC05237 DSC05240

Though I must say I physically took a step back in horror when the guide told us that the warhead that used to sit in this missile had the explosive power of 9 000 000 ton of TNT. Yes that 9 MILLION! Holy crap. Enough, we were told, to level a city the size of Los Angeles. It would have created a crater 400 feet deep and a mile wide and everything, EVERYTHING, in that crater would have been instantly vapourised. That’s from one bomb. They had over 50 of these things ready to go at a moments notice. From activation to launch and the missile leaving the silo, 58 seconds.

DSC05242 DSC05243 DSC05246

We know this part is true because Chantelle got to sit in the Captains chair and turn the key.

DSC05245 DSC05248 DSC05249 DSC05251 DSC05253

Scary stuff.

The guys at the museum were super informative and I learnt a lot and asked a heap of questions. Like could they let me have this silo so I could live in it! For some reason they said unfortunately no. The thing I liked most about it was the guide who showed Chantelle how to launch the missile used to work in both the Atlas F sites, which I love, and the Titan sites. Such a cool guy!

DSC05252 DSC05261 DSC05264 DSC05256

Then it was back to ZMW where we watched as a guy called Rob pulled Rosies rim apart and threaded new spokes for it. There is a definite process to this and I had quite clearly cocked it up when I was reassembling the broken spokes. Hopefully this time there will be no more broken spokes!

DSC05267 DSC05268 DSC05270 DSC05274 DSC05272

Thanks Frank and Rob for sorting this bloody thing out for us!

Then it was back to Eva’s place for fish fingers and potato gems for dinner. We shall go and pick the bikes up tomorrow and we are going to be back on the road on Thursday and heading for Utah!

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11 thoughts on “Relax don’t do it, when you want to go to it, relax don’t do it

  1. You should google “missile silo for sale”. They’re out there! I’ve seen where people have created homes out of them. Here’s just one site:

    Enjoying your blog! You make me want to get back out there and do another trip. Have fun!!

    • tncpowell

      I spend hours looking on that site! What a great idea for a home! Thankyou for following along! Make sure you do get out on a trip! Feel free to accompany us to Mexico!!

  2. Julie

    Cool visit…thanks for showing so many pics of the museum. We will add that to our places to visit. 😊 We just left Utah, seen all the Nat’l parks and more. Had the rain you encountered while in CO so we had hail, flooding, and mudslides. Hope your weather is better…safe travels.

    • tncpowell

      Wow! Crazy weather! Ride safe! And yes definately check out the museum! You wont be disappointed

  3. Dna

    Sounds like the perfect time and place to relax and recharge the batteries. Awesome hosts you have had along the way…
    BTW… u look less feral now… bet u smell better too… x

    • tncpowell

      Hahaha. I smell better. Not sure about Chantelle though……

  4. Jax

    why is Mabel up on the hoist?

    • tncpowell

      She decided to get a flat tyre while she was sitting in the driveway! Plus we had her spokes checked while the spoke guy was there!

  5. Karen

    So, all it takes is a swimming pool and a/c to make you stay longer, huh?

    Seriously, can’t wait to hear if the wheel is FINALLY fixed and you’re on your way. Nomi and Ryan left today (via rent-a-car — don’t even ask how much it cost) and miss you!

    Do consider coming back with the RV and parental units. There’s still lots more to see.

    • tncpowell

      Haha, plus a gazzilion broken spokes! We did say that in hind sight, we could have stayed at yours and sent the wheel away to get fixed! But all good now. Hopefully! Did Nomi and Ryan like Roswell? How were they as guests?

      • Karen

        Yes, they loved Roswell and were great guests and even greater HelpXers. If you get back, you’ll be amazed at how clean the back is.

        And, they made a bench for the BBQ pit so those of us who have trouble getting on the logs have a place to sit!

        I’m up-to-date on your blogs, and I could have told you about REI. Most of my newer gear is from there. Also, was that a pic of chicken mole at the Mexican restaurant? Looked very tasty.

        Can’t believe the tank problem but at least it looks like the spokes are doing OK. (Knock on wood.) Can’t explain the road discrepancy, but you are going to run into roads that go to nowhere or end up on private property in the west. Just be forewarned.

        Anyway, looking forward to hearing about Utah!

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