So many incredible people

We weren’t planning to do much today.

DSC05167 DSC05170

After a very restless sleep, thanks to the onset of man flu over night, we woke up and said goodbye to Eva who had to go to work.

We didn’t have much on the agenda today, just some fooling around in town until tonight. We were going to dinner with a lovely couple from ADVrider who have been following us along on our trip!

We are both very excited to meet them!

We did a little lounging around and then went to REI to look at some tents. Ours is starting to show the strain of 5 months on the road with poles snapping weekly and holes appearing in the rain fly and the inner tent.

Then we got ourselves cleaned up and we were off to meet Stephen and Katrina.

We enjoyed a lovely cold beer at their house before we followed them to an amazing restaurant that specialised in wings!


OMG. The food was  incredible! Both of us stuffed full to the gills! Stepehn and Katrina were great company and we swapped stories and had a heap of laughs. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was just great to hang out with these guys! Stephen has had one of the most interesting jobs I have ever known and I could have asked him a million questions about it!

DSC05174 DSC05175

DSC05178 DSC05179 DSC05180 DSC05181

After a great night of great food and cold beer all washed down with heaps of laughs it was time to part ways for now and head home to bed. We are planning on catching up with these guys before we leave town as I would like them to meet our little bikes. Plus we may also pass Stephen in Baja in Mexico. Actually he will probably pass us, lets be honest.


Thanks for the wonderful night out guys! We really do appreciate it!

Tomorrow, well who knows really! I think we are going to hang out with Eva for a bit and maybe have a few hours of slothing about.

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