There goes another spoke, and then another 4

Sorry for the absolute lack of photos today. But we have good reason.

We woke up to the sound of thunder and some light rain this morning. We had set the camp up under a nice group of trees so it wasn’t getting to wet which was good. We hurriedly packed up camp and opted to go to the nearby town of Winkleman for a diner breakfast today. Sometimes its nice to have a breakfast out right?

We strapped the bikes up with all our gear and checked the oils and started them up. While they were warming up Chantelle did a quick recce on Rosies rear wheel to make sure it was holding up well.

Which it……

Wasn’t. F bomb right there. 5 effin broken spokes.

We were both fuming. We had 7 spares left that were all too thin and too long. But I knew we couldn’t make it all the way into Tucson, some 120 km’s away, without breaking a heap more like this. So we stripped the stupid wheel out, took the bloody tyre of again, fitted all the spokes and tightened them up, all in the rain which had decided to pour down the moment I got out the tools. NOT HAPPY JAN!!

With the new spokes in place I had to go and find either a rancher or into town to find a mechanic to grind down the long bits that were sticking out of the rim.

I rode up the road to Winkleman in the thundering rain. Water pooled up on the road everywhere. The traffic whizzed by so fast and so close at times that I was constantly being showered with grit and water from their tyres. It’s fair to say that I was pretty unhappy at this point.

After some kind guys at a tyre shop took pity on me I turned tail and raced back to camp where I found Chantelle shivering and cold beneath the trees. We quickly put Rosie back together and raced off down the road where we found a diner and had a hot breakfast of eggs and toast with a side of hot coffee.

Then we slogged out the road into Tucson and the sun came out and dried up all the rain and dried us out too. This was better. We set the GPS to take us straight to the bike mechanic that we had been recommended to through ADVrider.

Here we met Frank. Owner of ZMW Adventures. We whipped Rosies rear wheel off, again, and he chucked it onto a rim truing stand. The rim ran nice and true. But it had a definite dump and a dip in it. After looking at our broken spokes Frank decided that the wheel really needed to be relaced, true and tensioned correctly which is what we all figured was doing the damage.

So with nothing for it we got in touch with Mike from Lambda Motorcycles back in Australia who immediately chucked a whole new set of spokes into an airbag and express posted it to Arizona. Hopefully they should be here Monday or Tuesday.

We had lined up a place to stay for a couple of nights here in Tuscon through Motostays. So we set off to find our hosts house. Frank kindly leant us his spare car for the night so we could at least get around.

Our host Eva was fantastic and told us we could stay as long as we needed to! Her house is right in downtown Tucson. We had a few cold beers and sat around chatting before a quick midnight swim in her pool. Then it was time for bed. Its been a long long day and I need a good sleep!

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  1. Jax

    Ahhhh ya see…. ya jinxed it!

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