Love the curves

What a lovely little camp spot we had last night. Also as an added bonus we ended up being the only ones there!

Both of us were up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and the packing up of our camp seemed to go exceedingly smoothly. By the time the tea was boiling I had the tent shoved into its dry bag and the oils checked on the bikes.

There was a nice twisty looking road in our map book just inside the Arizona border and both of us were keen to check it out. It looks as though we may have fixed Rosies broken spokes issue, as this morning she didn’t have a single busted one! That makes me happy too!

The road this morning was so quiet. Hardly any traffic at all, and the few cars that did pass us were extremely well behaved, giving us a heap of room when passing and pretty well all of them waved hello. New Mexico is such a friendly place! We both really loved it.

DSC05111 DSC05117

Then we were into Arizona! A new state! At first we started to climb. Back up to nearly 3000 meters. And then we started seeing sign warning of the road to come. It made us both yell and scream in delight. No vehicles longer than 40 foot, 10 mph for the next 11 miles due to curves. Woohoo!

DSC05121 DSC05119

What a ride! What a road! Mabel was cornering so hard at speed that she constantly had a peg gouging into the bitumen. At times the sides of my panniers dragged on the road. What a blast! One corner ended just as the next one began. It was glorious!

DSC05139 DSC05145

Then the corners straightened out through gorgeous red rock canyon that eventually ended in a massive massive massive open pit mine. I couldn’t believe the size of this thing. It was so ugly but so amazing all at once.

DSC05159 DSC05161

We stopped in town for a bite to eat and to let the bikes cool down for a bit as it was over 40 degrees and the poor little things had been working hard. We are loving this heat and our skin is just soaking it up.

DSC05140 DSC05133 DSC05132 DSC05137

Once we had eaten and the bikes had cooled down we pushed on. We had a camp a fair way off and we were getting sore asses and both of us were keen to get there.

The ride from here just became a slog on a highway. We had some backroad dirt options but we still weren’t convinced about this rear wheel of Rosies yet and so thought we would play it safe until we could get it looked at by someone who knows what they are doing.

We rode and rode. Then the camp I had picked out came up. Down a very rutted, narrow, rocky, fenced off track. Dammit.

DSC00211 DSC00206

With no other option but to carry on towards Tucson we kept riding.

Eventually, just as it was getting dark, we stumbled across a free camp next to the highway. Good enough! We threw the tent up, scoffed some pasta and exhausted, crawled into bed.

Tomorrow Tucson! We are going to get this wheel checked out and a couple have contacted us through ADVrider and want to meet up! Should be a blast!

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One thought on “Love the curves

  1. Jax

    “It looks as though we may have fixed Rosies broken spokes issue”

    Don’t jinx it….

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