Ride like the wind!

T – We were off today! It is always nice to stop and rest, but also really good to get going again and scratch my itchy feet.

We had to get some groceries and some oil in town before we left and also I wanted to try Ihop for breakfast! The couple who came in last night, Nomi and Ryan, were also quite keen to join us. So we hopped onto our packed bikes and the other two followed us into town.


Ihop. It was everything I dreamed of! Pancakes are my favourite breakfast food! EVER. I read and reread the menu. Unable to decide which decadent thing I would order. In the end I opted for the New York Pancake Stack which was full of New York Cheese cake bits! It was amazing! Super sweet but OMG.


C – Pancakes are not something I normally choose to eat, so I opted for the Breakfast Sampler. After chewing on some tasty bacon, sausages and eggs, I tried the buttermilk pancakes. I was very impressed! They were actually really yummy! But boy was I full. We had a great time hanging out with Nomi and Ryan, chatting about all sorts of travel things and learning more about England.

T – We went to Walmart to stock up our pantry and Oreillys to grab some oil. We said a goodbye to Nomi and Ryan as they were staying here for a couple of week. See you guys! Have a great trip!

We went in search of Karens work as we really wanted to see where she worked and what she did. But do you think we could remember how to get there? We rolled around for a while but by the time it hit 3pm we figured we either had to leave or head back to Karens and stay another night. We convinced ourselves to head west. Not an Easy decision.


C – I must admit it would of been very easy to slip in comfortableness at Karens! I could easily have chosen to head there for another night. But, on on!!


T – Thanks Karen for having us the last 3 nights. We have really enjoyed hanging out with you in your beautiful home. Make sure you count your cats, as I may have wanted to sneak Traveller into my luggage!

We hit a small back road that kept us off of the major highway right through to a place called Capitan. As we rocked up into town the thunder heads started to roll in. It was pretty hot out so we stopped for a quick cold drink before heading to our camp just up the road.

DSC05060 DSC05054 DSC05066 DSC05072

We set up our tent in a small flat area over looking a lake in the Smoky Bear State Park. We sat down and ate our dinner as we watched storms raging 360 degrees around us! It was insane! And so so beautiful.

DSC05076 DSC05075DSC05059

C – The summer storms around us where phenomenal! I couldn’t believe that we didnt get any rain until nearly nightfall, with constant rain all around us. The storms looked really close and although I love to watch a brilliant summer storm, I do feel like a sitting duck in the tent when the lightening gets a little too close!!!!

DSC05078 DSC0507920160808182605(1)

T – As night time fell we started making moves towards the tent. The lightening flickering and flashing for quite some time before we switched of Everyone Loves Raymond and went to bed. After it got dark this place got a real creepy eerie feel and my skin was covered in goosebumps and all the hairs on my neck were stood up. Not a nice place for some reason. But only once it got dark. I daren’t tell Chantelle this just in case I freaked her out, but I couldn’t wait for sunrise…..

C – It was so weird that Todd told me this morning, as I felt a bit creeped out at this camp all night long. But only after it was dark. I didn’t say anything to him as it was already dark and we were in the tent. Weird!

T – Tomorrow we head for Arizona. Not sure we will make it, and I would like to stop and see the VLA satellite array associated with SETI.

Heres a short video from last nights camp showing the gloriousness of it all!

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    Great pics

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Jax!

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