Laziness is great

T – We didn’t have too much planned for today. We are both feeling a bit tired and have decided it might be nice to have a day of leisure.

Karen had suggested a nice Mexican place in town for lunch so we knew that come lunch time we were going there! I wandered outside to pump up Rosie’s front tyre which seems to have a slow leak. Yay. Maybe I’ll take it off tonight and fix it.

About 2 seconds after I pumped it up it was dead flat again. Oh well. Karen kindly leant us one of her bikes so we could go into town. So we both hopped on and went in search of lunch!

It was quite odd to be riding a big powerful bike again. Plus this one was shaft driven vs our chain driven bikes and I really noticed the way it pulled slightly to one side as the throttle was opened up. We cruised into Roswell and plopped ourselves down in the restaurant.

Chantelle ordered a burrito and I opted for the cheese quesadillas. The serves when they came out were huge! But we were both starving and soon my tum was expanding outwards at an alarming rate. Bliss! I washed it all down with a nice cold Millers and a Dr Pepper! Healthy right?

Then it was back to Karens where I had a fiddle with one of her bikes that wasn’t quite happy. I suspect some bad fuel and perhaps even a blockage in the carbs. But I ended up getting it to run smoothly and the flat spot in the throttle almost tuned out. If I get time I will take it for a good run up the road.

C – After the amazing lunch, I managed to get all of our washing done and drying in the hot, New Mexican breeze. Then it was definitely time to tackle Rosie’s leaking tube. Luckily for me, Todd decided today was the day that I would be mechanic and he would be the lackey. Until now, I had managed to get out of actually changing a tube or tyre. Anyway, I have been Todd’s assistant a million times, so only needed minimal supervision. I was actually surprised that I managed it all without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, I think all my excuses for future tyre/tube changing events are gone now. Both of us searched and searched for the leak in the tube I took out, with neither of us being able to find it all. Oh well, another day maybe?!?!?!


Whilst I was changing my front tyre tube, Todd reinspected the rear wheel and bugger – he found two more broken spokes. It is the old spokes that are breaking thankfully. The ones we have already replaced seem ok, but the wheel definitely has some movement still. After watching copious amounts of Youtube videos, Todd had a go at straightening it out and re-tensioning the spokes. By the time he had finished, the wheel actually looked much better, with a much less pronounced wiggle. We have however, decided to head into Tuscon, Arizona, as there is an adventure bike builder there who is confident he can help us out with Rosie’s problem.

T – We just lounged about for the rest of the day. There was a lovely young couple from England that came in to stay later in the evening and we stayed up til after midnight chatting.

A nice relaxing day today. Tomorrow we shall make moves to head west towards Tucson.

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