Aliens, missiles and smiles

T – What an awesome day! Firstly I woke up in a bed. A super comfy bed! I am sure I must have rattled this house with my snoring last night. I slept so deeply and so well. The sun streaming in through the windows woke me up and I watched bleary eyed as the clouds scudding across the sky turned deep orange as the sun climbed up. Not a bad way to start the day!

Chantelle and I were feeling rather lazy this morning and thought it might be nice to have breakfast in town. We convinced Sam that this was a good idea and that he should come along too! Lucky for Chantelle that he did. Rosie decided she didn’t want to ride today and went out in protest with a flat front tyre. Sigh. So we all piled into Sams Toyota and headed to the Cowboy cafe.


C – My poor girl. I couldn’t believe yet another flat! Oh well, we will fix that later. It was definitely time for breakfast! I have decided that we must of camped somewhere cursed and this cursed has passed onto Rosie. Her wheels just don’t want to keep rolling!

T – These Americans sure know how to feed a man! I ordered a breakfast feast consisting of pancakes and sausage and poached eggs. What came out was two enormous fat fluffy pancakes the size of a dinner plate! I struggled through one and took the other away in a box for later. Oh and I hear there is an Ihop here. I desperately want to go there. So maybe I will treat myself on Monday.

We waddled from there back to the car and went to the post office to pick up the new spokes that had arrived for little Miss Thing and then tackled the UFO museum.


It was really interesting reading about the events of mid 1947 that changed the face of this town. On June 14, 1947, William Brazel, a foreman working on the Foster homestead, noticed clusters of debris around 50 km’s north of Roswell, New Mexico. Thus began the series of UFO stories involving cover ups, autopsies and alien craft. Whether you believe it was aliens or a weather balloon, it is one hell of a story and has certainly spawned an incredible tourism industry here.

DSC04932 DSC04934 DSC04938

C – The first part of the museum was fantastic. Displayed in chronological order, outlining the events of that time. Fascinating stuff!!! The second part of the museum is about UFO sightings and although it was still interesting, it was a bit of information overload!

DSC04941 DSC04943 DSC04944

T – After we had a wander through the museum we headed back to meet Karen at her place before jumping into Sams car and driving off to Lincoln. We were going to check out some of the Billy the Kid show that was going on there this weekend.

On the way we stopped in at a place I had only dreamed about seeing. An abandoned Atlas Missile silo! I almost hit the ground running when I got out of the car and I was so excited to check this thing out that I may have peed a little.

DSC04946 DSC04947 DSC04948

These nuclear missile silos were created in the Roswell area in the 1960s in answer to ongoing sabre rattling between the US and Russia. They were manned around the clock by a 5 man crew, just waiting for the call to launch. However due to several accidents during fuelling exercises, the Atlas missile program was deactivated, the silos stripped of their missiles and any valuable steel before being handed back to the owners of the land they were installed upon.

DSC05020 DSC05019

We wandered down the entrance stairs and into darkness. Bats squeaking and flitting about. It was amazing. This one had no water in it which meant we could explore all the levels and tunnels. I loved it! I didn’t want to leave and being there bought back all the desires I once had to buy one of these and turn it into a home.

DSC05015 DSC05018 DSC05008

C – The missile silo was really interesting, and Todd was acting like our own personal tour guide, spieling out information about each room we went into. Karen, Sam and I were blown away by Todds knowledge about this! When we ventured into the missile silo, Karen, Sam and I lingered back – man, it was a long way down!

DSC05003 DSC05010 DSC04994 DSC04969 DSC04962 DSC04961

T – I ventured down to the very bottom of the massive missile silo itself. It was pretty rusty down there and I was a bit worried about the ladders and stairwells not holding up to my weight. But it was worth it!

DSC04974 DSC00179

DSC04963 DSC04980

After spending a nice amount of time underground we carried onto Lincoln.

Lincoln is a very cool historic little town with heaps of 1800’s buildings and we had a nice wander up and down the street poking around the shops and chatting to the people there. We watched a re-enactment of a shootout before trying something called Indian fry bread. Like a taco but deep fried. So good.

C – Lincoln was a very cool little western town, with an authentic feel to it. We saw the courthouse where Billy the Kid escaped which was really cool! I love outlaw stories!!!!

DSC05033 DSC05034 DSC05043 DSC05036 DSC05044

T – Then it was back to Karens where we had a relaxing evening, after fixing Rosies flat and Mabel insisting on taking Sam for a hoon up the road.

C – I must mention here that Rosie’s tube showed no signs of leaking whatsoever. We were both a little confused and figured maybe the valve wasn’t put back in quite rightly. Poor Rosie – another flat that wasn’t her fault!!!!

T – We have a few errands we want to do tomorrow, such as some laundry and shopping and haven’t really made much of a plan as to what we are going to do. But come Monday, we shall be back on the road and heading for Arizona!

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2 thoughts on “Aliens, missiles and smiles

  1. Jax

    Scarlet the gunslinger… love it!

    • tncpowell

      They were quite taken by her. Though one of them did hold a gun to her head at the start. I had to ask them to be nice!

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