T – We ended up being the only people camped next to the lake last night. But there was a steady stream of traffic cruising through right up until 2 am. Even so, I slept like a log. After a few restless nights there was nothing that could keep me awake last night! So I woke up this morning nice and early and as fresh as a daisy! Pity I didn’t smell so fresh though!


We were heading to Roswell today where we had organised to stay with a lovely lady in her home through a motorcyclist specific website, Motostays. This  is a great way to connect with other riders and generally there is an offer of a bed, hot shower and occasionally a garage. Oh my god. A hot shower! I had contemplated a quick skinny dip in the lake last night, but changed my mind when I saw the algae floating on the top of the water.

I had to change out Mabels rear tyre this morning as it was now so worn down the cords were poking out in several places. I figured that I had probably pushed it far enough and had gotten around 5000 kms out of it. Not bad for $30!

I was getting to be quite the dab hand at the tyre changing malarkey. Especially as it had almost been a daily occurrence lately with fixing Rosies busted spokes. I can have the rim off the bike, tyre off the rim new one on and the bike back together in about 20 mins. Until today. I couldn’t get this bloody tyre on. The last 3 inches stubbornly refused to pry over the lip of the rim. I bashed my knuckles, I broke my nails, I yelled, I swore and eventually I wept. Finally with blood and tears as lubricant the stupid thing popped on and we were away.

It was already warming up nicely this morning promising more of this amazing heat that we were both longing for. So after a quick bit of brekky and a cup of tea we headed off to the Bosque Redondo Memorial.

It was here that a fort had been built way back in the day to house two groups of native Americans that were at logger heads with the new settlers moving onto their traditional lands. They lived a pretty hard and miserable life at the fort after being forced to walk hundreds of miles away from their homelands.

DSC04888 DSC04889 DSC04890 DSC04893 DSC04899

It’s a pretty sad story to hear but one I feel must be told. Hopefully we can remember these little stories and never let history repeat itself.

From here we went into town where we checked emails and updated the blog at the library. We weren’t moving very fast today and in the end decided we really needed to get a wriggle on or we would never make it to Roswell.

The ride south took us on a mostly deserted back road. It was so desolate and almost dead flat. The heat just pounded up at us from the road. It was glorious! The red dirt out here reminding me so much of home.


We stopped in the occasional patch of shade for a few mintues to let our little bikes cool down as they were working pretty hard lugging my fat ass into a fairly strong hot headwind. Not that Mabel or Rosie seemed to mind. They just plugged on, never missing a beat.


Then we were there! Roswell!! I had a weird moment where I almost couldn’t believe I was here. On a little Australia Post bike. In Roswell.

We followed some directions we had been given and shortly we were pulling up into our hosts driveway. We had planned on perhaps going into town after a shower but that never eventuated. Deciding instead to sit around and chat to Sam and Patty while we waited for Karen to come home from her job.

DSC04908 DSC04907 DSC04906

We had a wonderful night where we felt at ease and the conversation and laughs flowed nicely.

DSC04910 DSC04918 DSC04919 DSC04920 DSC04924 DSC04923 DSC04921

Then it was time for bed as we were  both cactus!

Tomorrow we are off to see the UFO museum and then Karen has offered to take us to the nearby town of Lincoln and, and, and there’s a good chance of sneaking into a missile silo and, and, and ,and, and, maybe sneaking into a very special Roswell spot. But we shall see about that last one.

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2 thoughts on “Roswell!!

  1. John & Desery Gutwein

    Hi you two! Nice to hear from you. We are following your adventures and Roswell was one of John’s favorite stops (aliens got to stick together). Sorry to hear about Rosie – hope you can resolve it soon. Glad to hear you are enjoying all the sights and the warm weather. We are having a great time on our adventure too. Travel safe and enjoy…….
    John and Desery

  2. John & Desery Gutwein

    P.S. Nice beard!!!

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