He lived by the gun, he died by the gun.

C – We packed up camp and were on the road by 8.30am, both of us looking forward to pushing forth to Roswell. We rode through small country towns, some looking a little down on their luck.

DSC00161 DSC00163

T – It seems that the Interstate Highways have bypassed alot of small towns and they have all suffered for it. From boarded up homes to gas stations with holes where the pumps used to be.

DSC04857 DSC04859 DSC04861

C – The scenery was quite beautiful, but I was surprised at how green it was. I had envisaged New Mexico as being much more ‘deserty’. Then we came to a sign that indicated a steep descent was ahead. As we rounded the corner the steep descent was an amazing stretch of road which wound down off a plateau onto the lower plains. As we rounded the crest we both gasped. My, oh my, it was just beautiful. The nothingness stretched off way into the horizon, with bright red cliffs in the distance and a real desert feel.

DSC04858 DSC04874 DSC04867 DSC04864

As we descended, the heat turned up. We discussed how much it felt like we were riding through outback South Australia, with the ranch lands looking so much like the farming lands there. We were already pretty impressed by New Mexico, but that view just sealed it. New Mexico – you rock!!! On top of this, every car was still waving. The train drivers we passed today all leaned out the window and waved, with one even giving us a ‘toot’. Todd was very impressed and reverted to being a 7 year old boy for a little bit.

We rolled into the town of Tucumcarri, looking for a library to do some wifi tasks. We were both surprised to see the Route 66 sign!! Wowsers – we had stumble on the classic American route accidently and both were wonderfully impressed with the kitsch Route 66 signs and memorabilia. What a wonderful piece of iconic American history!!! We loved the old motels and diners and were enjoyed our short time in Tucumcarri.

T – Route 66! Route 66!!!!! I said ROUTE 66!!! I was very excited! The big old motel signs with the old fashioned lightbulbs! I loved it! We were only passing through this town but doing some of Route 66 was definitely on my bucket list!

DSC04872 DSC04873

C – We found a free camp on the outskirts of Fort Sumner, so set our sights on reaching this today. It was a warm afternoon, with a temperature display in Tucumcarri tell us it was 106. New Mexico – you know the way to my heart!!!! We gave the girls a few rest stops on the way to camp, allowing them to cool down before continuing into the hot head wind.

DSC04869 DSC04871

On our way to camp, we passed the sign lighting the way to Billy the Kid’s grave stone. We had to venture there today!!! Off we went and it was pretty cool to see the old cemetery and the graves there, with Billy the Kids being the most prominent. It was interesting to see that they have it well and truly locked down due to the headstone being stolen numerous times through  the years.

DSC04877 DSC04880 DSC00167

We then found the Bosque Redondo Lake area campground and picked a spot in the shade. The feeling in the air was amazing as storms moved around us, the air building up humidity. It was warm and sticky when we ventured into the tent to sleep and after an attempt to get out of the tent for a toilet stop, I quickly changed my mind. Mossies everywhere. Millions of them. I ended up letting in about a colonys worth and then spent the next hour committing genocide.

DSC04884 DSC04885

Tomorrow, I want to see the Bosque Redondo Memorial and we may just visit the Billy the Kid museum before high tailing it to Roswell!

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