Towards New Mexico

T – We accidentally stumbled across this campsite late last night.. I had a glimpse of the word ‘camping’ as we zipped down a canyon in southern Colorado. Turns out that it is a good campsite! Right next to the highway, but sheltered enough by bushes and large rocky outcrops, and situated right on the banks of a fast flowing river! Plus as an added bonus, the early morning sun is shining right on the tent. What a nice way to wake up.

DSC04795 DSC04796

Today we are trying to cross into New Mexico. It is some 200 km’s south of us but we have a few errands to run in a town first plus a heap of blog to catch up on.

We packed up the camp and headed on out. The highway was reasonably quiet but soon we were turning off and down a much quieter county road.

DSC00123 DSC00127

The road was pretty rough with large cracks right across it. They were about 2 inches deep and 6 inches across and spaced every 5 meters down the road. This makes for some interesting albeit uncomfortable riding.

DSC00126 DSC00127

We pulled into the small town of Westcliffe where we stocked up on some food and topped up on some gas. Then we were off again. Direction, south.

C – Not too far out of Westcliffe we saw someone walking along the road, pushing a cart with the sign ‘Walk Across America’. Of course, we stopped to chat with him. Felipe is a super inspiring guy, who was previously living in a city and felt like he was in a rut. He got inspired to experience all that America has to offer, so he left his city and started walking. He told us his friends think he is crazy!!! He was truly a shining light and I encourage others to check out his Facebook page – ‘I am Felipe Gonzalez’. He makes origami in his down time and gave us a lovely crane with a really kind and thoughtful note. What a super guy!!! It is people like Felipe that change our world for the better. Goodluck on your adventure Felipe!!!!

DSC00130 DSC00131

T – The ride was pretty uneventful. Just a slog along a bitumen road. Some pretty mountains were extending away in every direction but they all had thick black clouds gathering over them. We both hoped we might out run the rain that we could see advancing across the plains towards us.

DSC04798 DSC04802 DSC04800

We passed through some small towns and eventually set our sights on a camp just 90 kms up the road. We were both pretty tired and looking forward to camp. Chantelles rear tyre was shagged completely and she had started to notice it moving around like a flat tyre a bit. So tonight we will change it.

We found our camp hidden away in a canyon. There were a few nodding donkeys around silently pumping up oil from deep in the earth and a few other campers too.

DSC00136 DSC04801

C – The camp was in a State Wildlife Refuge and although not well maintained, was a lovely spot. The peace and quiet was interrupted when a family arrived mid-evening and decided that every vehicle they bought with them needed to be tuned and serviced right then. I think at one point there was two pickups, two side by sides and two four wheelers running. Oh, plus the generator to run the trailer!!!!! Thankfully this didnt keep us awake as we were both exhausted tonight!!!

We set up our tent and settled down our usual ritual of dinner and some tv before it was lights out. I never changed Chantelles tyre out. Simply because I am tired. Maybe tomorrow?

Tomorrow we hope to cross into New Mexico somewhere around Trinidad area.

Update : As I sit here in Trinidad library I also am trying to work out how to fix Chantelles bike. The weaving she has been feeling turns out to be 7 broken rear spokes….We have 6 that we can replace them with.

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2 thoughts on “Towards New Mexico

  1. Julie Trombley

    Good luck with the spokes; hope you can get them fixed. It sounds like we were not too far from you as we have been in CO the last several days riding and now Utah. How far are you going in New Mexico? Santa Fe is a great place to visit. We enjoyed seeing the Loretto chapel and old mission church downtown. The White Sands is pretty spectacular too and if you like caves, the Carlsbad Caverns is awesome including when the bats exit at dusk. They all leave at the same time, spiraling their way out, litetally, thousands of bats and they all fly in formation towards the ocean where they feed. Anyway, enjoy and safe travels.

    • tncpowell

      Hi Julie. We are headed south to Roswell because Mabel wants to see an alien, and then we will head westwards and into Arizona. We are already loving New Mexico! Thanks for the tips! The bats thing interests me for sure as I did a little bit of field work with bats on Christmas Island for my last job!!

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