It takes all types…

C – We had the most amazing storm last night! After uploading yesterday blog, there was a really unusual cloud formation in the sky and then the rain came down. We were in the library and ventured outside when it stopped to head back to the RV park. Just as we got outside, the hail started. I mean hail. It was the biggest hail stones we have ever seen!!! They were the size of golf balls!!!! Then, the clouds simply disappeared and the sun came out. But not until after we had ridden back to the park, without our wet weather gear! We were both laughing in hysterics as we got drenched on the ride back. Thankfully, it wasn’t cold!!!

We had decided to go to the bowling lanes near the park for a beer as they had a bar in there. We ventured in and the lady behind the bar was lovely. There was a guy in there with his dog, which I thought was odd – I hadn’t seen dogs inside places like this. Anyway, the dog didn’t seem particularly friendly. The guy started a conversation and we could tell he had been drinking quite a lot. We expected the usual questions, but then he ventured on to talking about his views on US politics and the history of the US. It was interesting to start with, hearing him talk about the revolution and the loss of the American Dream, and how America will be great again when Trump is elected. Then the conversation took an odd turn. He started talking about in a derogatory way about Britain and the Monarchy, in such a way that both Todd and I started to feel offended. We both made polite comments along the lines of Australia is still part of the Commonwealth, when he decided to tell us his very uneducated views on Australia. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on economic and social policies, that’s the beauty of where we live, but one thing is for sure – NEVER, EVER be derogatory about a country to a citizen of that country. We are free to dislike customs of other nations and not agree with the way the culture may do things, but it is so disrespectful to talk in such a way about a country to its citizens!!!!! The poor barmaid was very embarrassed and I could see the steam coming out of Todds ears. He turned the other way, as did I. I then politely stated ‘I think it’s a wonderful thing that you are so proud of your nation and your history’ and turned away. However, this guy just didn’t get social cues and kept rabbiting on to himself. He wasn’t going to let it go and both of us were on the edge of sending the interaction further downhill so we apologetically smiled at the barmaid and told her we were just going to sit out in the cafe. A few minutes later she came out and apologised and let us know that he had been cut off and was being sent home. After he left, we went back into the bar and spent the rest of the evening chatting with the barmaid.

T – It’s a lovely thing that we are all from countries that enable us to have free speech and can voice our own opinions. But boy did this guy get on my tits! I’m not a monarchist by any long stretch, but the Queen is still a part of our history and our nation. I was boiling inside and started having thoughts about giving the idiot a good thump on the ears. I wont go into the details of the conversation as I truly believe it would offend not just us Aussies but Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Russians, Chinese and Israelis alike.

In the end I drank a pitcher of beer to put out the fire inside and after a nice rant to Chantelle later on I put it all behind me.

Bloody Dickhead.

C – So…. after that we bumped into a few bikers and had spent some time chatting.

T – That was how yesterday ended!

C – This morning we chatted a bit more to the bikers in the camp and a lovely guy who is cycling from Portland from New York. We have been invited to stay with him and his wife the night before the cross into Mexico and are both looking forward to chatting more to him and meeting his wife. Goodluck on the cycle!!!


T – One of the bikers is also carrying a little Charity Bear! Batman Bear! We were so awed by the story of this little fellow and hope his new friend and he have some great stories to tell each other. Scarlet was way impressed and started chatting his little bat ears off straight away.



C – We decided to visit the free Rockpile Museum whilst we were waiting for our tyres. It turned out to be a really good museum with heaps of artifacts from the local area. They had an interesting display on the coal mining that happens in the area and lots of artefacts from the early days of Gillette.


A quick visit back to Destination X and woohoo!! The tyres were in. We loaded them up and hit the road, heading towards the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.


T – Thanks to Steve from Destination X! He really did help to make things nice and easy for us! I forgot to tell him about our blog, so if you’re going through and need bits for your bike, call in and speak to him!

DSC04652 DSC04654 DSC04658 DSC04659

C – The ride was uneventful and we found a lovely free camp up on a bank by the side of the road in the National Forest. We spent the evening listening to the ‘moos’ of cows echo across the valley and tucked in to sleep when they did. We are both really excited about getting to Deadwood tomorrow!

DSC04668 DSC04669 DSC04670 DSC04673 DSC04690

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3 thoughts on “It takes all types…

  1. Jax

    You have to meet the obnoxious twats -they make the best stories for the blog!!

    • tncpowell

      Haha. That is true. They also make for the highest blood pressures..

      • Nathan Emery

        Can you please contact me privately in regards to the Bat Bear you recently met.

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