T – I had a nice sleep in this morning but once I was up I was…well I was feeling lazy and ended up sitting outside in the sun while Chantelle made me some porridge and a cup of tea! Such a horrible life!


We had a few errands that we thought we might run while we were in town. We needed some groceries and bits and pieces so it was off to Walmart. We are fascinated by this place and ended playing Walmarts Best Things. We took a few pics of some of the stuff that caught our eye this time round.


Not sure what these things are..


3Kg of Nacho Cheese Sauce!


Mmm cheesy


BB guns straight off the shelf


Cookie dough, croissant dough, muffin dough, dough dough….

IMG_6065 IMG_6055

Pretty soon it was lunch time and we went to a little Mexican food truck we had spied on the side of the highway. For $2.50 we each had a marinated pork taco. OMG. I was in love. Drizzled in a nice amount of salsa and fresh lime juice. My mouth is watering even now as I type this. Ok I’m going back for more. I’m getting very excited about heading into Mexico sometime in the next 9-10 weeks. I can wait for the food side of it!


After scoffing our rapidly fattening faces we had a wander around the neat little Auto Museum. Well worth the $5 entry fee I think. Although that could have bought me another 2 tacos…

DSC00077 DSC00081 DSC04629 DSC00084 DSC04637 DSC04644

C – After the auto museum it was time to head to head to the cheese place. We had been told about this place by the lady in the visitors centre yesterday. The couple that own the store were super lovely and gave us lots and lots of free tastings. We even tasted chocolate cheese….. it tasted like chocolate fudge, only not as sweet and creamy. Interesting, but not for me. My favourite was the 9 year cheddar (OMG!!!). We ended up purchasing some smoked gouda to enjoy later this afternoon!

T – The afternoon passed us by and soon found us having run out of stuff to do today. There is the free Rockpile Museum in town also but I think I will save that for tomorrow. The meadery doesn’t open til 5pm, poo, so we though we would spend some time in the library researching Mexico and updating this here bloggy thing.


Tomorrow hopefully the tyres come in after lunch some time and we will head for Devils Tower and then into South Dakota!

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One thought on “Tacos!

  1. Rosie Kropf

    Don’t know what day you posted this so this may be too late. When you get to Devils Tower, my cousin owns a B & B. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it. Anyway, if you see Twila, say hi from Rosella (Rosie – met in Mackay, ID)

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