Your beer is how cheap???

T – So it turns out that sleeping on a massive lump in the round that makes your body contort into the shape of a banana, isn’t all that conducive for a good nights sleep! Who knew!

It was looking to be another damn gorgeous day already and as we weren’t planning on riding to far today, maybe 100 km’s, we cruised about slowly all morning and took our sweet old time to pack up camp.

By the time we left the campsite the sun was up and the temperature was already into the high 20’s. Lovely. Just damn lovely!

We had a quick stop to grab some new spark plugs for our hard working girls and then after topping off the fuel tanks we were ready to hit the road. Bye Buffalo!

The road out of town was dead quiet. We had only a handful of cars pass us in around two hours. That makes for some good riding! Everyone seems to jump straight on the interstates and leaves us to the back roads!

DSC00065 DSC04611

Both bikes were running so so sweetly at the moment. Rosie is being a bit hard to start lately so I’m hoping the new spark plug will change that. We have put around 15 000 km’s on the one that’s currently in there! Poor neglected Rosie.

C – The riding was pretty cruisey on highway 16, with ranches on either side of the road most of the way. We saw lots of cattle and deer along the way and a lot more roadkill than we have seen in other places. Weird.

DSC04614 DSC04618

T – We had programmed a free camp into the GPS and after several wrong turns into private property or non existent roads we gave up on it and mostly ignored it all the way to near Gillete. We then swung to the north where the camp was located and here the traffic picked up a little. Understandable though due to the massive open cut coal mines on either side of the highway! But I did manage to find a large piece of thick, truck maybe, inner tube which I picked up off the road. I’m sure I can find some use for it!


We finally found the free camp, which turned out to be yet another private driveway, and so had to back track to Gillette where we decided to stay at a campground for the night.

DSC04616 DSC04620

We called in to the Polaris shop to say hi to the guy who has sorted our tyres out for us and then went to the pub for a few pints.

$3.50 for a beer???? You have to be kidding me! So cheap! Back home its nothing to pay $10 for the same thing! And I kid you not, $8 for a pitcher of the golden stuff. Can I come live here Wyoming?

Then it was back to camp for some dinner and a little bit of Everyone loves Raymond before the laptop ran out of battery while a storm moved in and dropped wet stuff on everything.


We are going to stay here tomorrow as well while we wait for the tyres to come in. Theres a few museums here and a meadery I want to check out. Plus we have heard rumours of a cheese house…..


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4 thoughts on “Your beer is how cheap???

  1. Randall Haveman, DVM

    If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area., I’d love to buy you the world’s best IPA. Great fun to read your posts. I pick up my 1986 CT 110 tomorrow from the mechanic. It’s nicely restoredand beautiful.

    • tncpowell

      Gday Randall! Thanks for the kind comment! Oh how much are you going to love that little CT! They are such a great bike.

  2. Dna

    Buy a new mat…. think it’s time…

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Im now used to sleeping on the hard ground. Almost, but not quite, enjoy it!

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