Another bloody pass?

T – Gee I slept well last night. I have been going to bed pretty early lately and last night I felt like staying up. When I checked the time I was shocked to see it was after midnight! Just the ticket though I think. I woke up at 7am and felt as fresh as a daisy! Even if I didn’t smell like one.

We had decided to take another dirt back road today which would link us up to the highway that would take us through to Buffalo.

After we packed up our tent and had a quick chat to our friendly neighbours we were off and racing!


It was already warming up nicely and today looked to be a hot one. With that in mind, plus the 3000mt pass we would have to cross, I decided the little Hondas may benefit from an oil change. I have also decided to start running a slightly heavier oil in Mabel now that the temperatures were in the mid 30’s and the fact that I was making her work her little guts out over all these mountains.

DSC04601 DSC04603

C – As soon we left the townsite of Hyatville, the road became gravel and the views returned to those stunning, colourful cliffs. We rode along, admiring the contrasts between the bright green pastures of the farming land in the valley and the varying colours of the hills surrounding us. Have I mentioned I am falling in love with Wyoming?!?!?!?!

DSC04597 DSC04598 DSC04599

T – We stopped for a bite to eat and to top off our tanks in the neat little town of Ten Sleep. What a cool name and a neat little town. We lounged about in the local park in the shade for a while and gave our little steeds a chance to cool off.

C – We called into Dirty Sallys General Store in Ten Sleep to pick up a tomato and a cold drink to go with our lunch. The store was really quite amazing, and the smells coming out of the kitchen were divine. I was hungry and keen to stop by the city park I had spied coming in and eat our lunch. I picked up the yummiest sugar free iced tea… I wish I could remember the brand. I devoured the whole thing (I’m sure it was about a litre bottle). I have found it difficult to find packaged goods here that don’t have a host of added ingredients which I am sure should not be considered food!!! So this tea was just the treat!!!!

T – Then it was time to tackle the pass. We rode into an amazing canyon and the road wound along the bottom of it for a while before ascending the canyons side and popping out on top where we would continue the climb to the summit. Poor old Mabel. She hates these passes. As the air gets thinner she gets wheezier and wheezier. She’s like a little old lady with asthma trying to run a marathon.


By the time we reached the summit we were battling not just a steep climb, and thin air but also a bloody terrific headwind. Mabel really felt it and every time a gust came through she shuddered and lost another 5km/hr. Poor thing. She seemed so down on power in these conditions that it felt like she couldn’t pull the skin off of a custard up here.


C – Before climbing the pass I had said to Todd that I would sit behind today. Normally, I zip off in front and meet him at the Summit, but with the warmth today I thought a nice slow climb would be in Rosies interests. After the initial climb it was all too much for Rosie. She was straining to get on up and without any encouragement from me, took off up the hill, leaving Mabel choking on her fumes as well.


T – Finally we were over the top! We started to look for somewhere to camp for the night as we coasted down down down. All the campgrounds here were asking for $17 a night to pitch a tent! We went into one and were ready to hand over the money when Chantelle came running out of one of the toilets. Some dirty animal had spewed diarrhoea all down the front of the toilet. Not inside it, but outside of it. Not in just one toilet, but both of them. That was it. The $17 went back into our wallets and we rolled all the way into Buffalo. How do some people leave a toilet like that? They wouldn’t do it in their own home. Surely right?

C – No words to describe this, other than it wasn’t pretty. Unfortunately, the camp host was out so I couldn’t report it.

T – Anyway. We ended up checking into the Indian Campground in town. For $27 we got free hot showers, a pool, and free wifi! Score!

We unpacked the bikes and ducked off to the shops to resupply our food bin and then jumped into the pool for a float around. It was quite lovely really.

Then it was dinner time and time to write this up before bed.


Tomorrow we are going to aim for a free camp just north of Gillette.  From there it is an easy ride into town on Wednesday to see if our tyres are in. They should be there for sure on Thursday but we thought it would be nice to go say hello to the guy who is helping us get the things.

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  1. Dar

    Sounds like Mabel and Rosie need a vacation 🙂 Such pretty scenery.

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