Ok fine then…we will go…

T – We both woke up feeling very very unmotivated today. Chantelle put it down to eating too much junk food and not enough water yesterday. I think I didn’t have enough beer! Too much blood in the alcohol system.

We very slowly packed up camp and had a final long hot shower before leaving the RV park. We had a few days of blog to catch up on so off to the library we went. The good old library seems to be our best shot for reliable wifi these days. Most RV parks have wifi but they are generally so slow that it takes an age just to open Google.

After we had updated our blog and sent emails we finally decided to leave Cody. Both of us were a little sad to go as we had such a great time yesterday. Thanks Cody!

C – We were sitting outside the library on the grass, doing the blog and I was drinking lots of water… which leads to….. The library didn’t open for another few hours and I could not find any public restrooms, despite walking for what felt like a long time. Thankfully, a lovely girl who was just arriving at work at a rec centre let me use the restroom despite them not opening for another 30 minutes. Phew!!!

T – We continued on eastwards towards a Mustang sanctuary. Not the car type though. The four legged nag type. We turned down a narrow gravelled road and travelled about 5 kms before we spotted a herd of the beautiful animals grazing a little ways off the road. Chantelle was very happy and decided we could return to the bitumen as she had now seen some wild horses.

DSC00046 DSC00047 DSC00048

C – I was super excited about heading into the Mustang Wild Herd Management area, but really didn’t expect to see any mustangs. The area is quite large and obviously you need to stay to the path. When we turned in, the road was terrible – it was like riding on marbles. The bikes twitching along. So, when Mabel declared that she had found us some Mustangs, we stared and admired them for a bit (albeit from quite a distance) and then decided to head to back to the highway. I’m sure the full drive through the park would have been beautiful though!!!

T – Back on the highway we raced through a very dry farming landscape. So beautiful and so different from the mountainous areas we had been frequenting. The dry brown plains stretching off to the horizon in every direction.

DSC04559 DSC04558

We had picked a dirt road on the map that was listed as a Wyoming historic backroad. Our type of road for sure! We were so glad we did too!

Not far down the road we found a site full of old dinosaur tracks embedded in the rocks. So we hopped off the bikes and had a wander through. Amazingly the boardwalk led us right down onto the rock where we were able to walk amongst the tracks! It was really cool to be able to do that as usually these types of places are roped off. Some silly twat had decided it would be fun to use a rock and scratch all around one of the foot prints though. Its that kind of behaviour that will put a stop to people having direct access to places like this.

DSC00049 DSC04561 DSC04562 DSC04568

C – The Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracks was a fantastic place!!! The signs were super informative and the area put together so well. The scientists believe that the area used to be an inland sea, the tracks being on what would have been a beach. The tracks were left by the dinosaurs in the deep mud, which was covered with a layer of algae. After drying quickly in the sun, the imprints were left and after being buried by sand for years and years, the footprints preserved. It seems that no one can quite agree on exactly what type of dinosaur prints they are. Very cool stuff!!!

DSC04572 DSC04574 DSC04573

T – From there we continued along the stunning road towards a town called Hyattville. This road was over 100 years old and was marked along the way by old stone cairns from its early days. It was interesting to read about it being the first route in the area for the mail run! Quite fitting that we should be doing it on postie bikes!

DSC04580 DSC04579

The scenery was just incredible. No one out here but us. The colours in the hills and rocks were bright and off all different shades. Such a thing to see!

DSC04581 DSC04582

Every hill we crested bought another set of colours and more stunning scenery. From deep dark reds to vivid greens and yellows even one set of hills that were as black as charcoal.

DSC04591 DSC04590

The road snaked along, the surface changing from hard clay to rutted dirt and corrugated sand. Potholes seemingly leapt up from nowhere, filled to the brim with talcum powder soft bulldust which exploded into the air as our tyres ploughed through it. Awesome!

DSC04589 DSC04582 DSC00051

Eventually we hit Hyatville and a kind gentleman there directed us towards a campsite just out of town.

C – The campsite is an archaeological site that the Wyoming State built a campground at. It is a beautiful campground, with great facilities and views over those amazing hills. We were shocked that the price was so cheap and grabbed a site thankfully!

T – A good days ride! We were both totally shagged and after a nice dinner and a chat with our neighbours it was off to sleep.

Tomorrow……….no idea!

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  1. Dar

    Rattlesnakes! i would be more afraid of those than bears. Miss Scarlette looks like she is having a great trip!

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