Warning, this is a picture heavy post!

T – Wow I slept well last night. I woke up feeling quite refreshed and as a bonus, we didn’t have to pack up this morning! That’s always a nice feeling. We were going to be tourists and actually spend some time and money in this town.

First stop was a little diner on the main street for breakfast.


As we walked in the door we were greeted by a sea of cowboy hats and very western sounding drawls. Chantelles grin was massive. Her idea of heaven.

We ordered a nice breakfast of eggs and toast and after paying the ridiculously cheap amount for it we went for a walk.

I had some tyres posted to us here but for some reason they hadn’t shown up despite being supposedly posted 10 days ago. The kind lady at the post off took our tracking number and went in search of it. She came back very apologetic and told us that the tracking number was invalid and that there was definitely no package for us. Looks like I’ll have to get Amazon to refund our money. This is the second time we have been stung by Amazon vendors and I wont be buying off of there in a hurry again.

We had a poke around a few of the stores in town. We both really fancied a cowboy hat but as we couldn’t work out how to carry it on the bikes we thought we would sit on the idea and see what we could come up with. Maybe ship them back to Australia?

C – Wow! Cody is a pretty special little town. I really liked that there some touristy stuff (which we normally avoid like the plague) and then the real town, where the locals live. Very cool indeed! We bought our rodeo tickets – can not miss that in Cody – and ventured out to Old Trail Town.

DSC00007 DSC00022 DSC00023 DSC04190

T – There was a cool old town site setup just out of the city with buildings collected from all over Wyoming of the good old cowboy days. We had a nice wander around the old buildings and both of us really enjoyed learning about the history of the area. Definitely worth checking it out if you are ever over this way. There’s even some old bullet holes in the doors of the saloon from the old gunfights!


C – The old buildings are all genuine, but have been moved to the site from around the local area. The site of Old Trail Town is actually the original site of the Cody townsite, but the town was moved shortly after it began because of water issues at the original site. It was pretty cool to check out Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids hideout cabin and the saloon where they had a shootout!!!!

T – We cruised back into town and on the way tried to find some tyres at Cody’s Custom Motorcycles. He didn’t have any. Which wasn’t surprising as he was a specialist in customising Harleys! But he helped us to phone another mob in Gillette a few days east of us and the guy on the phone, Steve, soon had a set of tyres ordered for us and they will be there by Thursday! Plus he gave us an outrageous discount for which we are very thankful.

Then we went for a city tour on a ‘trolley’ bus. I’m not going to say much about this one. Except that sometimes things are so bad that become good again. Or sometimes they are just so bad that they are bad……….

C – We had decided to do the ‘trolley’ tour as the one we did in Anchorage was fantastic, full of historical information and interesting facts about the town. But this one, not so much. It was very kitsch. The ladies were lovely and presented the information well, and it was interesting to learn about Buffalo Bill, but there was silliness to the tour that just didn’t float my boat!

T – After that little trip we sat and had a beer in Buffalo Bills original hotel while we waited for the rodeo to open. Chantelle was crazy excited about the rodeo. I have never been so I was really looking forward to it too. Cody is apparently the home of rodeo!

DSC04210 DSC04211 DSC04225 DSC04228

And wow was it fun! The atmosphere made it amazing! Plus the bucking horses, bulls and cowboys and cowgirls everywhere! What a place.

We watched as guys and girls were bucked and tossed all over the place. The terrible dad jokes from the rodeo clowns made it even better. It was pretty amazing watching the cowgirls doing the barrel racing too!

DSC04237 DSC04239 DSC04240 DSC04242

What fun! I loved it!

DSC04247 DSC04278 DSC04264 DSC04259 DSC04248

C – The rodeo was just amazing! I always enjoy watching the bucking broncos and the bull riders, but the thing that blew me away was the outstanding stockman skills of the cowboys and cowgirls in the roping events. One cowgirl roped a calf in 2 seconds. Phenomenal! Then my favourite event – the barrel racing. I just LOVE this event. Watching the girls and the horses push themselves to the limit of speed and agility…… I was VERY jealous of their outstanding horsemanship skills. The young girls were just as amazing as the older ones. Im sure some of those girls were about 6 years old, getting their big horses around the barrels in quick times. I was very impressed with one young girl, who came off at the first barrel, but she got back up, got herself together and then got her horse around the barrels anyway! It was an amazing evening and if we were staying tomorrow, I would go again!

DSC04281 DSC04488 DSC04381 DSC04356 DSC04328 DSC04301 DSC04286

T – Finally it all ended and we joined the mass exodus out into the parking lot and back to the RV park. We fell into bed and watched a little bit of Everyone Loves Raymond before calling it a night.

Tomorrow we have no idea where we are going….

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