Tooth ache

T – The alarm went off at 5am. Apparently. I never heard a thing. So Chantelle reset it for 6am.

It went off again. I think. I guess. I never woke up.

C – The alarm went off and I opened my eyes to complete darkness. We cant get up, have breakfast and pack up in the dark. Thats just not right!!! So I reset it. When it went off at 6am, I thought ‘no way’ and drifted back to sleep. As Todd had woken up I decided it wasn’t my fault!

T – Finally I dragged my sleeping complaining ass out of bed just after 7am. I felt bushed today. No idea why. We have had a few long days on the road and I guess they add up pretty quick. We think we will have a couple of nights in Cody to let our bums recover.

By the time we got to Yellowstone the lines of cars waiting to pass through the gate was huge! There must have been 50 cars already waiting in front of us. Ugh.

DSC04138 DSC04137

Once in we sat over on the shoulder and let long lines of traffic pass us by. Everyone was well behaved but bloody hell they were moving through fast! There’s only one way to see this country, and that’s flat out! Right Russel Coight?

C – We decided because of the craziness of the Yellowstone (summer holidays and peak tourist season!) that we would concentrate on a few of the sites and then head off. We had heard traffic jams throughout the park are common and we also heard that getting a spot to see Old Faithful erupt can also take hours. So we picked Old Faithful and the Petrified Tree. We just drove through the rest of the park and admire the view from there!

DSC04140 DSC04141

T – We really wanted to see Old Faithful erupting but we had been warned that it would be crazy packed. And it was. The car park was full, but being as we had little bikes we just parked on a gravel section under a tree, the actual viewing area around the geyser was teeming with people. Too many people! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

We were pretty lucky and the geyser let rip shortly after we got there. It was pretty cool!

C – We were actually really lucky to find an empty spot right up on the boardwalk and by freak of timing, Old Faithful was due to erupt within 10 minutes of finding a spot.

DSC04144 DSC04148 DSC04155 DSC04158

T – We had a quick poke around the visitors centre before fuelling up and heading out of that place. Too many people for us. All pushing and shoving to be first in line to everything. Crazy.

We meandered along until we came to a petrified tree. It was pretty neat but again the long lines of people put us off of actually stoping. We did a quick u-bolt and headed for the Beartooth Pass.

DSC04162 DSC04164 DSC04166 DSC04168 DSC04169

C – All the sights in the park were packed with tourists, most of them with long lines of cars backed up waiting to get a park to walk to the sight. Craziness. The petrified tree was very cool, but again, the line was sooooooo long to even just get a carpark that stopping was just too much. By this time, the crowds had worn us down and we were keen as mustard to just get on out of there!  Beartooth Pass here we come!

T – This was a massive pass. For our little posties it was anyways.

The road wound back and forth. Up and up. Higher and higher. Until we passed above the snow line. Mabel was back to 3rd gear most of the way and flat out she could only pull 40 km/hr. Rosie seemed to be in her element here and zipped away from us.

C – Rosie and I powered up, and by this I mean 40km/hr in third gear!!!  But each time Todd had to go down to 2nd, we zipped off!! It was a fun climb indeed, with steep drop-offs, swithbacks and breathtaking views!!!

T – Eventually we reached the summit. The GPS reading 3303 meters above sea level! Wow. We daren’t turn the bikes off in case they were hard to start again as the little terrors just aren’t jetted for this type of altitude.

DSC04171 DSC04172

After a quick picture we were off and racing down hill. Weeeeeeeeeee.

Mabel was in her element now. This little bike corners like mad and she was just zipping along.

We pulled into an overlook part way down with amazing views over the valley below us. We even had some sweet little squirrels come up to us looking for hand outs. Bloody bludgers!

DSC04173 DSC04174 DSC04175

C – We had a nice chat to a fellow biker from Salt Lake City at the overlook! Its always a pleasure to share riding stories with locals!

T – Soon enough we blasted out of the valley to arrive in the town of Red Lodge. We had been making noises of getting a motel for the night but every single one was booked out here. The reason. There was a massive car show on in town. We cruised down the main drag and ogled the hotrods and rat rods and massive V8 lovelies before setting our sights on Cody. The wild west town!

2 hours later, after battling strong headwinds which saw us struggling to maintain 55km/hr we rolled into Cody. We checked out a few motels but all were priced between $140 and $200 bucks for a night! No thanks! Finally one motel took pity on us and pointed us down the road to an RV park with nice grassy tent sites and hot free showers. Perfect.

We gorged on Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and basically passed out.

Tomorrow we shall stay in Cody and check this cool little town out!

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