Mabel isn’t allowed in the tunnels

C – Todd was well and truly up and about by the time I woke up at 8am this morning. We had spied the showers at the laundry in town and were both motivated for a quick pack up to get under some hot, clean water. Its been a week!!!! I must admit that other than the shower, I was not motivated at all today. I felt very flat when I woke up and just couldn’t really bothered. Buck up Chantelle!!

After breakfast, pack up and goodbyes with Alan and the crew, we headed for showers.


Mackay has a mining history which the town has embraced. They have set up a self guided tour of the historical sites and since Alan had talked it up and given us his map, we ventured up the Mackay Hill for a snoop around.

T – I was pretty keen to see the old mining ruins above the town and had my fingers crossed that I would be able to venture a little ways into an old tunnel! Sure that comes with its own dangers, but still…

I do like a nice bit of history and this place had a fair bit. Dating back to 1879 when copper laden ore was first discovered, the mine produced the best part of a million tons of the stuff well into the 1980’s. Pretty impressive! Especially when there was 42 thousand ounces of gold and 2 million ounces of silver extracted also! I was itching to poke around the tunnel but alas they have all been sealed off to prevent idiots like me from getting into mischief in there.

DSC04085 DSC04084

It was a steep climb up to the first set of old huts and lower tunnel of the mine. It was really hard on our little bikes and poor Mabel was back to first gear and screaming blue murder. I wasn’t too keen to push them any harder as the climb just got higher and higher. We do want these little engines to carry us as far as possible! So after a quick looksee around we turned tail and zipped back to town.

DSC04080 DSC04082

C – We decided we need some fruit, so after a refresh at the towns lovely supermarket we headed to the carwash to give the girls a scrub. We wanted to make sure that the oil coolers in particular were nice and clean. The weather is certainly warming up and the girls definitely need this cooling. Rosie made a strange noise as we pulled in the carwash bay and upon inspection, a broken spoke. Not too surprising given the punishment they have been under!!! After all this faffing about it was 1pm before we even started out of Mackay.

DSC04087 DSC04086

T – As soon as I heard the weird clicking noise coming from Rosies rear end I figured on a broken spoke. Chantelle had managed to hit a cattle grid pretty hard a while back and had put a nice dent into Rosies rear rim. I had mostly pounded the dent out but hadn’t thought to check the spokes. Alot of which were very loose! Luckily I had just had a nice clean shower so I could immediately get covered in grease and crud by removing Rosies rear wheel. Thanks Rosie you little trollop.

DSC04096 DSC04095

C – We set the GSP to get us to Rexburg, taking all the backroads. We had an enjoyable ride through a canyon and over another pass, before we reached the highway east, highway 33. All of a sudden the landscape was dead flat. You could see for miles. It was like riding in northern Western Australia. We could see the cars coming and going for what felt like three days.

DSC04089 DSC04088

DSC04094 DSC04097

We eventually made it to Rexburg at 6pm and pulled into Eagle Park Drive Campground. It’s a City run campground, in serious disrepair. It is definitely not worth the $10 they are asking. But, as the envelope holders at the gate have been completely destroyed, there were no registration envelopes. I’m very glad that there was no possible way for us to pay the fee. J The campground was virtually empty so we picked the best possible site. And, lucky us! There are lots of dirty nappies in the trash bin in the middle of the site. Mmmm noice.

T – The camp area was in a terrible state. Someone had half heartedly tried to mow some grass in a few tent sites but they were mostly over grown with overflowing garbage bins, burnt or smashed picnic tables and toilets that smelt terrible and had a gazillion flies coming out of the bowls. Gross.

C – The weather was warm and we have come down significantly in elevation, so I decided on a quick dip in the river. It was very quick, as the river was still quite fresh, but it felt good to wash away all the dirt from todays gravel roads.

DSC04100 DSC04098

T  – It was a brilliant days ride today! Again! I feel we are definitely being spoilt at the moment weather and scenery wise! I have big hopes for Yellowstone National Park in a few days, though we have been warned about tourist numbers so high that there are traffic jams in the park and long waiting lines to see Old Faithful erupt. I’m thinking we shall get there nice and early in the morning and hopefully beat the grey haired nomads!

C – Tomorrow, we are hoping to reach the Grand Teton National Park!!

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