Halfway. Not quite halfway though.

T – Well it was a bit sad to say goodbye to all the crew. Neil and Jack gifted Mabel a new mirror to replace the one I had recently broken and there were firm handshakes and lovely goodbyes all around.

These guys really looked after us. Everything from providing us a power cord to our tent for charging our various items, to the beer fairy, the pulled pork packed lunch today, Fireball, chocolate fudge, and so many laughs. We really appreciate it and hope we can be back here next year to meet up again! Check out the forum over at hondatrailcts.yuku.com.

C – We really can not thank this group enough for taking in two wandering Aussies! They looked after us so well! The group is so diverse and we had some amazing conversations and laughs. It was really impressive to see a group of completely different people, coming together over a common interest, and treating everyone was so well. Thanks so much guys, you made it very hard to leave this morning!!!

DSC04017 DSC04021

T – After we said goodbye we rode on back to Halfway. The ride was lovely and we managed to escape the cloud cover hanging over Hells Canyon and were soon back into the glorious sunshine!

We decided to have lunch at the cafe in Halfway today. We could have made our own, but we felt a bit lazy. We were presented with massive burgers and barely could eat what was on the plates!

Then it was time to do some washing and find some wifi. From there we head off to camp nearby for the night and will spend the afternoon lounging about and reading books and watching movies.

Tomorrow we head for Idaho! We need to start making some tracks if we want to take in all the sights between here and LA over the next 6 weeks. From visiting Deadwood to taking in Mt Rushmore, through to checking out Yellowstone and riding past Area 51 on the Extraterrestrial highway. Then we still have Moab, Death Valley, Zion………the list continues!

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3 thoughts on “Halfway. Not quite halfway though.

  1. Dar

    Mabel better be careful in area 51 – she might get beamed up to the mothership 🙂

    • tncpowell

      Mabel is the mothership!

  2. Dna

    Area 51 and the ET highway was on louis theroux weird weekends last night… really fascinating … especially the people…

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