Joseph and back

T – It was a bit of a chilly night last night. We are currently camped up at about 1850 meters above sea level. So quite high up! But this morning the sun was burning the chill air away and the blue sky stretched to infinity. Noice. Very noice.

DSC03915 DSC03914

After breakfast and a cup of tea we gathered around the fire with the group and listened in as the days riding was planned. We were to head out on a loop down a dirt road into a town called Jospeh where we would stop somewhere for lunch before returning via the bitumen to camp. Around 100 km’s round trip.


C – I was excited about riding with about 13 other 90 and 110 bikes, and this group seemed like a great bunch!! It was wonderful to see everyone sharing their knowledge and helping each other out with finicky bikes.

T – We all lounged about and got away after a few bikes needed tinkering with. Some of the little things just didn’t want to place nicely just yet! One needed the clutch stripped down as the plates were glazed up and two had carby issues. This is why I love these little bikes. They do like to be fiddled with.

DSC03920 DSC03922

Once we had a batch of happy CT’s we all mounted up and rode off.

There are a few modified CT90’s in the group and I was really interested in seeing how they performed. They have been fitted with 125cc Honda engines out of 1984/85 ATC three wheelers. They certainly looked the part too! I was particularly smitten with Craigs yellow one and would have almost happily traded Mabel for it on the spot! Though I suspect Craig wouldn’t have been too happy with that deal.

DSC03919 DSC03924

The ride was absolutely fantastic. The guys rode at a great pace that suited all the skill levels of the group and we settled in nicely. Some group rides I have been on before have left those of lesser skill, me, way behind and riding alone. So I was really pleased to feel like Chantelle and I fit perfectly into the riding style and speed of the group.

DSC03929 DSC03927

We wound our way across a ridge line and dropped down in the little town of Joseph. We had a very informal vote on a lunch destination and we all agreed that beer must be on the menu. So the place was chosen. The Outlaw pub it was!

DSC03930 DSC03935 DSC03933

Lunch consisted of massive serves of burger and cold pints of beer plus heaps of chatting and laughter. It was brilliant!


Before heading back to the camp we all went for a cruise along the edge of Wallowa Lake. With the dramatic background of steep, sharp mountains, it was truly beautiful.

DSC03938 DSC03944

Eventually we all filtered out of town in dribs and drabs and made our way back to camp.

We sat around the camp fire and enjoyed some cold Kokannee beers that the beer fairy had left outside our tent! Thanks beer fairy!



Before long we were yawning and it was time to head for bed. What a great day!

Can’t wait for tomorrows ride!

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One thought on “Joseph and back

  1. Jax

    Ain’t it grand to find a bunch of riders who have the same riding style – and to do day trips unloaded… just heaven!

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