Hells Canyon baby!

T – What a great camp! We had the whole corner of the campground to ourselves! I was woken up this morning by the sun beating down on the tent and the birds singing in the trees. What a great way to wake up!

Both bikes received an oil change yesterday in anticipation for the next few days of riding. We weren’t sure what to expect and didn’t know whether the guys we would be meeting up with were hardcore off road riders or what!

After packing up our camp I then decided to move the deep cycle battery, that I had been carrying between me and the top box for months, to a new location inside the top box. I was hoping that it may give me a little more wriggle room on the seat. It seemed to work out perfectly in its new home and I was chuffed that it had only taken me 4 months to figure it out!

C – I thoroughly enjoyed Todd fiddling around with Mabel and the spare battery, as it gave me plenty of time to lounge about in the sunshine, coffee in hand and reading Postie Notes! Jacqui Kennedy took off on her little postie, Mo, and ventured around Australia on her own. It is a great read so far!! You can check it out at Postienotes.com.au!!

T – Then we were off and racing back into Halfway. We have on more package arriving from a friendly lady in Canada. We were being gifted a pair of ‘We Ride Canada’ patches by the facebook group we had become a part of.


DSC03891 DSC03893

Once we got into town we set about fuelling up the bikes, doing some grocery shopping and then heading to the Post Office. Which was shut. So without further ado we decided to head for Hells Canyon some 90 km’s up the road.

What a road it was too! Starting out flat and curvy before we climbed and dipped and swung through sharp switch backs. Such a fun road!

DSC03895 DSC03894

We stopped in at Hells Canyon overlook and we both were blown away by the scale and the beauty of it all! Pictures just don’t do this place justice!



Camp was about 50 km’s further up the road and so we pressed on.

Eventually the GPS led us down a short dirt road and over a very much unused and unfinished bridge before dropping us back onto the main road just shy of the camp site.

We rode into the camp and quickly spotted the other CT’s sitting in some shade under a tree. Woohoo!! More Posties!!!!!!

DSC03901 DSC03903 DSC03904 DSC03905 DSC03906 DSC03907

It wasn’t long and we were setup and settling in around the fire with a great group of guys, telling yarns and drinking red wine.

Looks like the next couple of days are going to be just lovely hanging out with this lot!

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One thought on “Hells Canyon baby!

  1. Jax

    Thanks for the plug xxx.

    Very jealous about the postie meetup…

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