My hip hurts

C – What a wonderful nights sleep. Todd was already awake by the time I woke up and given he was very keen on getting down to the free hotel breakfast, I figured he wasn’t feeling too badly. He was moving a bit stiffly, but said he didn’t feel as bad as he thought he might.

After breakfast, we procrastinated and took our sweet time packing up. We left the hotel at checkout time and headed off in search of a laundry. We were clean, now for our clothes!

At the laundry, I got chatting to a lady who grew up near Baker City and then spent time living in West Virginia after she married. She was super interesting to talk to, telling us tales about the valley from her childhood and about her time as the first female coal miner in West Virginia. She was also a big rig driver for 6 years and had some stories to share from those experiences as well!!!


Then it was déjà vu as we headed out of town the same way we headed out yesterday afternoon, passing the turn off to that camp and heading on towards Halfway. Except today there were no storm cells moving across and we saw the tops of the mountains ranges in all their glory. It was a pretty special view and as we climbed and climbed out of the valley the views just got better!

DSC03886 DSC03887


A black Cadillac zoomed past us on the climb out (not hard as we weren’t even doing 35mph!) and boy did that car smell hot. Sure enough, the car was pulled over at the summit, bonnet up, water boiling and steam everywhere. We checked in to see if the lady was ok. Barb was really lovely and told us how she loved her car and had owned it for 14 years. There was no cell service at the summit, so armed with directions, we took off into Halfway (now only about 7 miles away) in search of a knight in shining armour for her. We stopped in at the mercantile and the lady behind the counter knew Barb and kindly said she would make sure a tow truck got to Barb.

DSC03884 DSC03885

We had a quick sneak around Halfway and Todd was chuffed when he was asked for ID at the market when he bought a can of beer each. A pint of beer for $1.50! Woohooooo!

Our free camp for the night, McBride National Forest Campground, was only 15km away and we ventured up and up to get there. We were both back in 1st gear for a short time during a particularly steep climb.

The camp was a lovely, quiet spot, with Bambi’s wandering around looking all sweet and cute. We both managed to step in cow pats, which added to the evening! After enjoying our beer and some pesto pasts, it was late and the chill was coming in. Time for bed!


Tomorrow we will venture back in to Halfway to stock up on fuel and food and then head for the campground in Hells Canyon to meet up with the Honda Trails club. Cant wait!!!! J

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