Slow dumb dog ahead!

For some reason Google Maps doesn’t like the route we took. So no map today!!

C – I awoke this morning to mostly clear skies and under the canopy of the tall trees, the air was crisp and clear. It was quite a beautiful morning, albeit a little chilly. Today’s adventure would lead us a bit closer to Hells Canyon, and we were hoping to call in to Canyon City or John Day to grab some wifi to update the blog and hopefully track down a replacement hose for our favourite stove. Our replacement stove was functioning well, but neither of us are keen on having to make sure we have access to propane canisters.

T –  The Optimus Nova multifuel stove that we have is bloody brilliant! We always have petrol on hand to put in it and it has always worked a treat. Just one little brass fitting on the fuel line has snapped off. I think we can maybe get a hydraulic hose mob to fix it though!


C – We decided to switch up pack up jobs which made for a nice change. Todd set about making tea, coffee and breakfast whilst I packed up the tent. Todd put together a yummy breakfast with the left over sausages from last night and soon enough we were whizzing down through the winding road, quickly descending from the high elevation.

DSC03802 DSC03801

T – I am the king of cooking crap food! But today I managed to fry some snags up and whack them on some bits of week old bread that I only slightly burnt over the gas flame. It turned out pretty tasty! Especially with a smear of horse radish cream on the “toast”.

DSC03803 DSC03804 DSC03805

C – We turned onto the highway after the National Forest ended and we spied a sign to the John Day Palaeontology Centre and Fossil Beds. We did a quick turn into the road and were both excited to venture into the centre. The centre was amazing, with free admission, and focused on the fossils found in the John Day Fossil Beds, all from the Age of the Mammals. It was fascinating to see the fossils from many extinct species, with my favourite being the horse like animal that had strong front legs and claws!! Brilliant!!!!

We did the short drive along the Picture Gorge, checking out the historic Cant Ranch homestead, Blue Rocks and Cathedral Rock. Spectacular!

DSC03806 DSC03807

We continued on through amazing gorges and canyons, with very desert like flora. I had no idea to expect this kind of scenery in Oregon. I absolutely love the desert and was riding along with that typical biker grin.

DSC03819 DSC03818

T – What a awesome day of riding! The sun was out, the canyons were deep and the roads were mostly smooth!


I had a blast tipping Mabel into the corners, right wrist wound way back. The throttle pinned wide open. Mabel and me as one. Todd and Mabel. A Table if you like. Leaning deep into the bends and then with a slight flick we would roll back over to turn into the next opposing corner. Mabels engine was singing. I had my knees and elbows tucked in tight, toes just scraping the ground on each tight bend. Riding bilss.

DSC03826 DSC03825

C – After topping up supplies in John Day we ventured into the Malheur National Forest to find a camp for the night. We ended winding up and up and found a perfect camp site up at 1600mtrs elevation on the Summit Prairie. Yesterday we ventured over the Ochoco Summit Prairie and both have completely blown me away. I find these high elevation prairies exquisitely beautiful.


DSC03823 DSC03824

After a very healthy serving of some very divine Cherry Pie, the sky gave us a beautiful show. The moon was a bright white half moon, high in the sky, with a few stars splattered across a colourful dusky sky.


DSC03833 DSC03831

I crawled into my sleeping bag and drifted to sleep with a happy, contented smile. What a brilliant day!

T – I was so proud of my little bike today. She has summited so many mountains already and I have total and utter faith in her summiting many more yet! Just wish I could get her little oil leak to bugger off. Here’s cheers to Mabes!

Tomorrow we head for Baker City and then on towards Hells Canyon!!!

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2 thoughts on “Slow dumb dog ahead!

  1. Jax

    Great pics!

    Is the oil leak significant or just a few drops?
    Mo always spews forth a dozen drops after a big ride – he just likes to mark his territory.

    • tncpowell

      Its just a seep from a gasket. Probably I should just tighten a bolt up!

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