National Forests ROCK!!

T – The sound of really heavy rain woke me up this morning. What is it with all this rain America?!!! I thought it was summer? But by the time Chantelle was awake and we were both ready to get up it had eased off.

In fact there was a patch of clear sky hanging over us and we quickly whipped our gear out to dry off a little!


As we ate breakfast it came back. So I ran around madly trying to get everything away before it got wet again. Alas the tent got put away wet. Poor tent.

C – We were both having a grizzle and a grump about the rain. We jointly decided that both of us feeling miserable about living in the rain was just making us feel even worse. So… NO MORE WHINGING…. about the rain anyway! I think we both felt brighter as soon as we decided that we can not control weather, so we just need to make the most of it and remember how lucky we are to be doing this trip at all!!! After all, we are riding our precious postie bikes around the world!!!

T – We were heading for another section of National Forest today and if the last days riding was anything to go by it promised to be a great ride!  Rain or not!

We set the GPS to take us the back roads to the start of our next set of maps. It immediately got us lost. Trying to take us into peoples properties and through their farm tracks! In the end we had to backtrack 20 km’s, ignoring the GPS’s  demanding beeps and its insistence on us doing a U turn every 300 meters.

DSC03771 DSC03774

We did a short stint on a highway before turning in towards a place called Chocococococococ or some such thing!

The roads in here were marvellous. Whipping Mabel from one tight turn into the next. Racing against her shadow. Zooming up hills and then down. Always feeling like the pegs were about to scrape the road as I pushed her to her leaning limits. So much fun!

DSC03775 DSC03778 DSC03780

C – We were cruising through National Forest tracks once again. So beautiful. I watched the elevation on the GPS climb higher and higher, until we were at 1750meters! We decided to take the old wagon trail across the range, advertised by the National Forest. What an amazing trail! We crossed through the summit prairies, devoid of almost all vegetation. I was constantly hoping to spot some wild horses, after spying some signs warning tourists to watch out for them.

DSC03782 DSC03785 DSC03786

T – Then we hit a nice technical dirt section. The track becoming rough and uneven. Covered with a layer of baseball sized rocks that turned to slimy mud and eventually mudholes.

Mabel at one point slid sideways towards a deep looking hole before she panicked and gently laid herself down on the ground. Such a slow gentle fall that I was left standing above her. Get up Mabel and stop being a sook!

DSC03788 DSC03789 DSC03790

C – I had a giggle at Mabels slow paced fall! It was absolutely hilarious to see Todd standing there whilst Mabels backend slid sideways into a deep mud hole and then she simply laid down!


T – We followed this track high up through the mountains. Massive natural meadows on the peaks, full of purples flowers and in some cases as barren as the moon. Just wow!

Finally we started to descend. Zipping down a narrow strip of pavement. Until we basically flew into a free National Forest camp!

DSC03792 DSC03794 DSC03795

C – The camp was stunning and at 1556meters in elevation, it was a crisp evening among the beautiful tall trees! All in all, a very special riding day!

T – A great day. The rain eased up this arvo and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come!

My wet weather jacket has a nice layer of mould starting to take hold and I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can remove it at some stage. So gross.

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3 thoughts on “National Forests ROCK!!

  1. Jax

    Just as well we didn’t join you… Mo doesn’t like rain.
    Out of 256 days on the road in Oz, I think we got about 10 days of rain.

    • tncpowell

      Thats unfair!!!!! Maybe if you bring Mo here, he will bring the sunshine too?

    • Funny about the weather.We were behind them and missed it all.

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