T – I was a little grumpy yesterday. The traffic and the rain was getting to me in the end. I have been a little disappointed in some of our gear we have bought which seems to have only lasted 5 minutes when truly put to the test. Anyways! Onwards!

When I woke up this morning I threw the curtains back in the hotel. Sunshine streamed in the window! Woohoo!!! Our gear lay spread all around the room in dripping piles. We had the heaters turned up full blast trying desperately to dry everything out. All we did was create a stinking steaming little box of a room and in the end, Chantelle had to open the windows up to let the smell out.

We packed our gear up and put our wet clothes back on. My riding jeans basically rotting away from being so damp all the time. Big holes had started to open up on the tops of the legs. Might be close to time to buy some new ones. Riding in the Draggin jeans is so comfy, but maybe I’ll go for textile next for longevity.

Before setting off we decided to have something hot for brekky. So we opted for a breakfast burrito with a side of hash browns. Yummo!! What a good feed!

Then we strolled outside to the bikes. That were now sitting in the rain that had just started to fall.

We donned our wet weather gear and set our sights on the nearby mountains. We had a few hills to cross before we reached Hells Canyon.

Then we were off in a blast of rain and wind! Racing for the hills and a promise of fine weather and blue skies! We had worked out, pretty roughly, that in the last 110 days in North America we had experienced 20 days of no rain and 90 of rain, so we’re pretty keen on some sunshine!


We ended up riding down some lovely quiet backroads, the GPS doing a great job of keeping us off of the highways. I love it out here like this. Farmland all around, small towns dotted along the way. I have always found this is where the nicest people live. The better drivers drive.

We pulled up so Chantelle could swap some fresh batteries into the GPS. That’s when I noticed that Mabels front tyre looked a bit flattish. I grabbed the tyre gauge and checked it. Yep. Less than 10psi. I pumped it up and put the gauge back on and watched as it dropped from 30psi to 20, to 10, to flat. Another puncture.


We changed it out and swapped a new tube back in. Again the patch has peeled back. I am unsure what is going on with this… Well time to find a new set of tubes.

We were pretty close to several major towns so off we went in search of tubes. Nothing available in the first one. Nothing in the second. Then in the last town, called Albany, we got lucky. There was a little shop called Mr Eds Moto, they had two tubes! Plus the guy out the back wanted us to stop and chat for a bit. What a lovely guy! He ended up copying us a heap of maps from his books and showed us the perfect riding route from Albany through to Hells Canyon. Turns out that Steph from One Steph Beyond had also stopped in here not so long ago. Highly recommend this place if your passing through. Stop in and say hello to the guys there!


Armed with tubes and maps we set off for camp. Not far down the road we turned into a National Forest area that ran alongside a dam. We turned and twisted up into some gorgeous forest. This place was so green it hurt my eyes. Just so vivid! Even the road had bright green moss growing all along the edges of it!

C – The riding today was absolutely stunning, despite the rain and our never dry camping and riding gear. The green was beautiful, vivid green with moss growing everywhere. Very stunning indeed! It was an absolute pleasure to be off of the back roads and so nice to see Todd enjoying himself again.

T – We sloshed along as the rain came down harder. Climbing higher. We checked out one paid camp ground, but figured there was bound to be free camping further along. According to an app on our phones called Wikicamps there would be.


We found a nice little spot next to a river. It was right on the edge of the road but it was pretty good all the same. We pitched our soaked through tent and dried the inside out with our gas cooker before throwing our gear in. We cooked some dinner and retired to bed early.

DSC03742 DSC03743

Tomorrow we should get over the mountains.

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