Grumpy old man

T- Sorry about the lack of photos today! It rained a hell of a lot and I was a bit worried about my camera getting drowned!

C – I woke up to drizzle on the tent this morning. I was hoping for a much less grumpier Todd today. All was well until the drizzle began rain whilst I was trying to make coffee. Thankfully, with no bears to worry about, I could move it all into the tent vestibule and cook from there.

After starting the day in the rain, and packing up the tent wet, it wasn’t shaping up to be a great day. We left camp and turned onto the 105, heading south down the coast towards the town of Astoria, Oregon.


The girls were due for a service, so we pulled into Raymond, Washington, and found the Napa store. He appeared with oil for Mable, but they didn’t have Rosie’s favourite. Now Mabel has a new engine, we have discovered the girls like different oil grades…..

We pushed onto Astoria, ending up at Napa there, where they thankfully did have Rosie’s favourite. We met some lovely locals at Napa who admired the bikes and gave us some tips on travelling in Oregon.


The rain lightened off and Todds mood improved when we turned off the 101 onto the 202, a much quieter, winding road which meandered through a lovely scenery.


As the day wore on though, the rain returned and the grey skies matched Todds mood. By the time we reached Silverton at about 7pm Todd was done.

We pulled into the only hotel in town as poor Todd just couldn’t face a night in a wet tent in wet clothes. The gentleman at the desk did us a great deal and offered to buy us a warming drink after we had settled in.

After showers and dry clothes we ventured down to the bar where we met some lovely locals. After an evening of chatting with a super guy called Dave, it was time to call it quits.

Todd is still grumpy. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day?!?!?!?!?!?!

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