The beach!!!


T – I woke up to the sound of Lance and Dave packing up. They were keen to put some miles on this morning and in 2 hours were going to cover the same amount of ground that had taken Chantelle and I all afternoon yesterday. Crazy!

Once we had said goodbye I tackled Mabels rear wheel again. Just as I thought, the patch had ‘melted’ around the edges. I know I am not over inflating it, I’m also fairly sure this doesn’t generally happen. I had a spare tube with a patch and thought I will just put the patched one in the front tyre, and the front tube I will swap into the rear as it has no patches. Time to buy some new tubes by the way. But then I just ended up putting the patched one back in the rear.

DSC03708 DSC03709

Once the bike was assembled, again, we headed for the town of Forks. Forks has been made famous by the Twilight books of Stephany Myer. No I am not a fan! Nor is Mabel. Chantelle and Rosie are though. They love what Chantelle calls ‘good trash’.

Our little stove broke yesterday so we were unable to cook breakfast or a coffee this morning so we figured we would just go to a diner in Forks. What a great idea! We ended up with a huge breakfast of eggs, toast, hashbrowns and sausage plus endless coffee.


Feeling full and ready to go, we paid up and went to climb back on the bikes. Mabels rear tyre was flat again. Insert a lot of swear words. I knew I should have put that damn tube in the front. I wheeled her across the road to a big empty lot and began the process of pulling her apart again. While I was doing so a car pulled up and asked if there was anything he could do or if he could take one of us to find parts in town. We decided to see if there was a tube to suit our bikes somewhere here, it was a long shot, and Chantelle hopped in and off they went in search of one.

Turns out that Bruce was an ex copper from Forks and was proud of his little town. Plus they found a spare tube! Bonus!

By the time they got back I had just finished putting Mabel back together. With a patched tube up front and an unpatched tube in the back.

Back to the 101 and southwards now. The road cruising through some nice forested areas, and eventually we caught glimpses of the ocean! Woohoo! It really was good to see it again!


The sun was shining, the beach was there and Mabel was keeping her tyres inflated!


Onwards we went. Not having any idea where we might end up today. Then from almost no where came the traffic again. Car after car after car. Back to being stuck on the shoulder. I had pretty well had enough of this by now and was getting rather grumpy. Why do we keep putting ourselves on these damn busy roads? I wanted off.

DSC03717 DSC03719 DSC03720

We pulled into a State run camp, not many options along here for a free camp, and grudgingly paid the $25 camp fee.

After setting up camp we wandered down to stick our feet in the water. I grizzled and moaned at Chantelle about being on this road. I just hated it. We decided to look for a way inland where we could take the smaller back roads again. The only problem, Portland. A massive city between us and the quiet roads. Ugh.

DSC03722 DSC03729 DSC03731 DSC03725

Lets save that worry for tomorrow.

After dinner Chantelle crashed out asleep and I watched some postie bikes on the laptop as they raced across the Aussie desert. I miss home.

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2 thoughts on “The beach!!!

  1. Gary Springer

    I live in Corvallis, Oregon and learned about your epic journey from my brother-in-law Lance, who you crossed paths with a couple of days ago (along with his buddy, Dave). I am truly inspired by your travels, not the least of which on Honda 110 trail bikes. My first “motorcycle”, when I was about 16, was a Honda Trail 90 and I thought I could take it anywhere. I spent a lot of time on game trails trying to prove that, but NEVER thought that “anywhere” could mean around the world. I wish the two of you…sorry, the four of you…safe travels and may you continue to run across the people who are ready to drop everything and lend a hand when you need one!

    • tncpowell

      Gday Gary! We had a great time hanging out with Dave and Lance! A great pair of guys!

      How much do you love the good old Ct’s!!! Ours are brilliant! Obviously! Welcome along and thankyou for the kind comments!

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