Happy 4th July!

T – What a great sleep last night! The afternoon of just chilling out and relaxing really helped too. Some days it is nice just to go a short distance before calling it quits.

We did consider staying here another night, but both of us were raring to go! The only thing we were a little concerned about was the likelihood of a heap of traffic on the road as everyone returned home after the long weekend.

We tidied away our camp and warmed the bikes up. Woohoo. Time to go Mabel!

I hadn’t told Mabel this yet, but we had two mountain passes to climb this morning. So with that in mind off we went!


Straight out of the campground and up a hill. And up. And up. Mabel was back to 3rd gear for the most of it. Working her little guts out. And like the little trooper she is we were soon cresting the first pass.


The views were just gorgeous. We were just up inside the snowline and as it was a cloudy misty day all the clouds were clinging to the peaks of the mountains. Below us the road stretched off back the way we had come down into a valley before disappearing into the trees some kilometres back. So very pretty!

Then it was time to take on the second pass. I think Mabel knew what was coming this time because she roared off and attacked it with gusto. Even though it was 3rd gear gusto…


Then we started to coast downhill. We pulled into a turnout that overlooked a massive lake. Created by damming the valley for the hydro power station that feeds Seattle. The colour of the lake that gorgeous bright blue from the glacial streams that feed it.

DSC03686 DSC03685

The wind had picked up a bit here and even the trees grew funny. One side of them bare from the constant buffeting.


The downhill continued on. And the rain started. We had heard this was a wet corner of the states and it certainly was turning out to be that way.

There was a fair bit of traffic meandering along and we spent a fair bit of time riding on the shoulder. I hate riding like this. One eye on the mirrors and one on the road. I much prefer the back roads but sometimes there are none!

We eventually rolled into Mount Vernon where we had decided that tonight was our hotel night this month. Figuring we may as well have a real bed and a hot shower.

We piled into a hotel and cleaned up. It was bliss!


Tomorrow we are going to head for the coast and take Route 101 south for a day or two.

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2 thoughts on “Happy 4th July!

  1. Shelley

    The colour of the water is sooo beautiful. Love your photos

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Shelley!

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