Hot showers? Free?

T – I don’t think I have ever slept so well. Not once in the night did I wake up. I woke this morning laying exactly in the position I had fallen last night. Face first, arms akimbo into my jacket. Amazing!

The sun was already up and warming the tent nicely, which just made it harder for me to get up. In fact Chantelle actually beat me out of bed. Normally I have to poke her until she yells blue bloody murder at me and then I can be assured that she will eventually wake up.

C – I woke up to the sun pouring in my side of the tent. It was warming the tent up nicely and so I climbed out of my sleeping bag and opened up my door. A beautiful, slightly cool breeze drifted through the tent and I laid there for a while, listening to Todd snoring and enjoying the oh so close view of the river and the blue sky. Shortly though, natured called. I accidently woke Todd up as I got dressed, but he was back a sleep by the time I got back from the bathroom. It was such a wonderful few moments of serenity, as there no one else up and about and the road and riverside was completely silent except for nature. I was surprised when Todd woke up again and told me it was still only 630. How about that! I woke up early all on my own!

T – We packed up nice and slow. Today was a day of no rushing after yesterdays effort. Our little angels from the night before had informed us of the possibility of showers in a nearby toilet block, and they weren’t wrong. Plus, double bonus, they were hot and free!!! We were meant to meet those guys last night for sure!

After a refreshing hot shower, thank you to the town of Pateros, we were ready to go. Then we spied the local bakery. Only too happy to spend a few bucks in this great little town we decided on a cinnamon  bun for me, with icing too, and Chantelle had a ham and cheddar croissant. Mmm mm. So good. Best cinnamon bun yet!! Suck on that rude cinnamon bun place in the middle of nowhere. I am sad to inform you that these buns are better than yours.


C – We hung out at the bakery for a while, using up their free wifi. It was soon time for a coffee for me and a chai latte for Todd. After a few hours we decided it really was time to hit the road!

T – We then struck out for the next place. Of which we were unsure as to where that was! All we knew was we were taking highway 20 towards the west coast and would stop when we found a nice camp.

DSC03660 DSC03658

The ride out of town was lovely. The road followed a racing river full of kayaks and inflatable boats. Then we began to climb. We passed out of the apple growing orchards and back into forested hills. Then Daniel and Maryanne passed us on their way back to Vancouver! See you guys next time!

DSC03666 DSC03667

C – We passed through a few small villages along with the way and the road was lined with apple orchards. We were really surprised when we reached Winthorp at how busy the little town was. We lined up for a while to get through the four way stop and so got a chance to view the main street. It was quite pretty and maintained in the old style theme.


T – After a quick stop for lunch we continued on. The road growing busier and busier.  Then the head wind cranked up a notch. We were head on the handle bars leaning way forward so that our little bikes could maintain 60 km/hr on the flat. What a crazy strong wind! In the narrow valleys it was buffeting us from side to side, making us weave all over the place.

DSC03661 DSC03663


Eventually after a steep climb up towards a nice pass, a mere 100 km’s from where we started this morning, we spied a camp ground sign. Knowing that it was bound to be full we pulled in for a look anyway.


Bonus! There were several empty spots and for a measly sum of $12 we quickly snapped one up.

DSC03669 DSC03673

C – I must admit, after yesterdays long day, I was very keen for a short one today. I mentioned to Todd at lunch time that I was keen to camp up sooner rather than later. This little camp ground was exactly what we were after!


We set up the tent and relaxed back with our kindles in hand. Time to read your little e-book Jax!


Tomorrow we may or may not go a little further. We know that the roads will be busy with people going home after the long weekend. We shall see how we feel in the morning!

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