Rollin’ rollin’ rolling’..

T – Waking up next to a lake in the sun. Does it get any better? Well if someone on here wants to bring me a big plate of bacon and eggs with some mushrooms, tomato and toast, then yes I guess it could!

We had no idea as to where we were going to go or get to today. We picked a road and went in that direction.

DSC03615 DSC03618

C – We both really enjoyed not knowing where we were going yesterday, so decided to just follow our nose again today. We didn’t look at map, or know which town to head towards, just that we would head west. We also didn’t consider that this is a long weekend.

After a service last night, Rosie certainly sounded much better this morning and once on the road, she moved smoothly and as she normally does. Yay for Rosie!


T – Our ride took us onto highway 20 and through to a town called Colville. We stopped here and had a wander through the local farmers market. My tum tum telling me it needed sweet treats, or I would die. We found none. But then Chantelle promised me that I could have a crème pie from Walmart. Ok! Where’s Walmart? Lets go there now!

C – The minute we pulled in Colville it felt to me like I imagined a small town in the US would be like. The main street was really quite nice and the farmers market going on added to the vibe of the town. We parked up and had a walk through the markets, but didn’t find anything that tickled Todds fancy.

After spying a car wash, Todd was dying to give the girls a wash. I explained to him about Rosie’s aversion to clean water, but he insisted. Whilst I sat and watched (clever hey???) Todd gave the girls a wash with the high pressure hose and commented that poor ol’ Rosies air cooler was clogged up with mud. Aahhhh maybe that explains partly why she was not so happy in the heat yesterday.


T – We ended up buying a Chocolate Creme pie and a bucket of chicken bits. Walmart is amazing and terrible all at once.

We rode out of town a little ways before finding a quiet little patch of shade in which to park. We scoffed like mad. Both of us starving hungry.  It was quiet warm on the road today and poor Rosie was feeling it. We gave her oil cooler a clean out at a wash bay back in Colville and it had been blocked solid by dirt and mud. We think she may have overheated yesterday when cruising up the highway in 40 odd degree heat and she sounds a bit unhappy now once she gets really warm.

DSC03627 DSC03626

Scarlet tried to steal my pie, but in the end I had to concede defeat and offered it to her. I love sweet things, but this pie was just too sweet.

From there we headed southwards, looking for a camp. But every where was full. We rode and rode and rode. Eventually we passed through gorgeous rolling hills and farmland. No where to camp out here. So we rode some more. It was about 730pm when we decided we had both had enough for one day. With the option of camps looking poor we decided to try our luck with a motel instead.

DSC03628 DSC03629

The first town we came to, Bridgeport, seemed to have none. The few that looked as though they used to be motels now contained permanent residents. So we continued to the next town. And then the next. Eventually at 830pm and some 500kms from where we had started, we came to the small town of Pateros. There were two hotels here. The first one was full, the second looked crazy crazy expensive. So with the options of spending alot of money for a room, or riding onwards, we started to feel a little glum. My ass was on fire. I needed a break!


Just then, seemingly from nowhere, a lovely Canadian couple came over to chat with us. They told us that there was a little free tent area hidden back down the road behind us. Right next to the river, and that once we had set up our tent they would come and bring us a drink! If ever we had guardian angels, then these two were them.

C – I was so pleased to chat with this lovely couple and they just made our day! The free tent area was for ‘paddlers and peddlers’ and we considered that with such little cc’s we were pretty close to peddlers!!! What a lovely spot to camp. These two were definitely our guardian angels tonight. I can’t express how lovely it was meet them at this most perfect moment.


T – True to their word they rocked up with beer and whisky. Oh my. They absolutely 100% made our day. We couldn’t thank them enough. Maryanne and Daniel, thankyou so much! Your small gift of kindness meant more to us on this day than you can know.


We ate some dinner and half heartedly watched an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond, before we both passed out, totally and utterly buggered from todays ride.

Tomorrow we head northish a little, getting back into the forests before we go west. We hope to hit the coast in a day or so and then will follow it south a ways before heading into Oregon.

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4 thoughts on “Rollin’ rollin’ rolling’..

  1. Jax

    Scarlet already has two broken limbs – she does NOT need diabetes as well!

    • tncpowell

      But she luuuurrrvvvvvs sugary treats!

  2. Dar

    Gotta love Canucks! Poor Scarlet! i have some blogging friends in Oregon her blog is Trobaritz’s tablet and his is Troubadour’s Treks.

    • tncpowell

      We love Canadians!

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