Lost in the forest

T – Another gloriously sunny morning greeted us! Wow. This weather is awesome! The new poles we fitted to the tent last night worked out perfectly! No longer was I waking up being smothered to death by my own tent!

We were part way down a forestry road and thought we might just follow it along today and see where it may bring us out. The map we have is pretty damn useless, to the point where it doesn’t show where we even are. But what could go wrong?

DSC03596 DSC03597

C – We figured the road had to come out somewhere, so with plenty of food, fuel and water, we were ripping and raring to go where the road may take us!! We have really great maps on the GPS we could of followed and would lead us on the right path if needed, but there is something really amazing about just following your nose and letting the road take you where it will.

T – We took off and soon we were encased in a cloud of white dust from the road. The forest was so picture perfect, with the road soon dwindling down to a narrow rutted track and the trees forming a cool tunnel through which we rode.


There were massive ruts and potholes along the way. Some filled with water, some with mud. Mabel loves to get dirty, she’s a bit that way inclined I think, so she took on all the mudholes. Her nice mud tyre flinging globs of mud in Rosies direction.

At one point she wanted to go through a seemingly shallow puddle on the track. As we ploughed through face first the road dropped away beneath Mabels front wheel and the water came rushing up over her headlight and straight into my crotch. Mabel! I gave her a little twist of the throttle and she ploughed straight on and out the other side where we stopped in a big cloud of steam. What fun!

As a side note, seeing as I am leaving a trail of groinal encrusted water across the Us, I would advise everyone to stop drinking the water here.

DSC03600 DSC03601 DSC03603 DSC03602

We met another couple who were out scouting the area for hunting opportunities and ran into them several times throughout our journey through the forest.

It was so fun in there. The narrow track climbing high and then skirting straight across high rocky ridges with massive sharp drops to the side. And the views. WOW!

C – What a ride! We climb up steep rocky tracks, flew down potholed and rutted tracks and splashed through muddy holes. At numerous times along the way, we rode what felt like goat tracks on the side of the mountains. The drop offs were MASSIVE. Rosie and I quickly decided that no matter what, we were riding on the side of the track next to the cliff face, as far away as possible from that drop off. This meant that, at times, Rosie and I did venture a little bit into the bushes, but it was better than accidently taking a leap of a few thousand feet down to certain death!! Todd assured me that I wouldn’t fall off the road, but we weren’t trusting him and Mabel.


I really enjoyed the more technical nature of todays riding. We navigated sand, steep ascents and descents, rocks, mud, ruts and every different type of off road surface. We loved every minute of it!!!

T – Eventually we wound downhill and found the bitumen roads again. We stopped for a late lunch of toasted cheese and mushroom sandwiches under a bridge.


C – We planned to keep meandering across Idaho towards Washington. After lunch, we ventured into the town of Sandpoint. It was at this point that I noticed Rosie was sounding very noisey and very un-Rosie like. She seemed to be running quite hot and as it was just about oil change time, we picked up some fresh oil and some groceries. After a stop, she sounded much better but we both agreed it was time to put thicker oil in them now the weather is staying nice and warm. We had several interesting conversations whilst in Sandpoint, which left us contemplating the differences between life in Australia, Canada and the USA.

T – From there we wound our way westwards to a town called Newport. For no other reason than it was a place on the map. We also figured we could find a nice forest camp here, and probably for free at that!

After a short ride, that turned into an 8pm finish, we found just what we were looking for. Being the July 4th long weekend we hadn’t had much luck finding a place that wasn’t already crowded. But then this oasis. With just one other family camped in the distance.

Tomorrow we will keep heading west, we would like to maybe ride the 101 down the coast for a bit before heading east again.

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4 thoughts on “Lost in the forest

  1. Dar

    I am totally envious of you guys! What an amazing trip.

    • tncpowell

      Hi Dar! Yes it is an amazing trip!!! We are very very lucky!

  2. Advice taken: I have stopped drinking the water. (shakes fist at sky while camera slowly zooms out) “Curse y’all from that land Down Under, you and your contaminated Down Under undies!”

    I’ve been reading since Dar posted about you back in April. I’m loving your adventure, and it sounds like y’all are as well. Welcome to the States! If you felt so inclined, and if you felt you had the time, I’d be interested to know your thoughts about the differences between life in Australia, Canada, and the US. That might be a good topic for a post-trip post.

    • tncpowell

      Gday Ry! Thankyou for the kind words!!

      We are having an awesome time!

      Thoughts on the differences.. Well there a few for sure! But that is what we love the most about travel! One thing that is always the same though, in every country we have visited, grand total of 12, is that the people are always amazing. Friendly, helpful and just good honest people. We intend to do a quick little summary at the end of each country we go on our thoughts during our journey through each one! Hope you keep enjoying the blog!

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