T – Wow. Another brilliant nights sleep! I have been sleeping like a baby lately. Its so good! Again the sun was shining brightly and already there was a nice warmth in the air. Montana is really turning on the lovely weather and the awesome scenery.

We enjoyed a nice cup of tea and some breakfast sitting right there on the river. Oh it’s such a hard life. Someone has to do it though right? May as well be me!

We are going to try to find some new tent poles today. I had to tape sticks to poles last night to try to make the tent work. It did work in the end but it looks so dodgey!

Vango, you need to make your poles out of something a bit stronger. Ours are all cracking and splitting. No way they are going to last the trip. We love our Halo 300 tent, but if its only use is some occasional camping then this tent is not for us.

C – We must of looked a real sight last night! Drinking red wine from blue folding camp cups with half our tent held up with sticks duct taped to proper tent poles! Hehehehehe We really must find a better fix for this today.

T – We packed up and rode the short distance down the highway to a small fountain of fresh stream water that poured out of a rock. We filled up our water bottles and continued on into Columbia Falls.

DSC03544 DSC03545

When we got to the library Chantelle spied a newspaper with the glaring title, ‘Grizzly Kills Mountain Biker’. That’s what all those cars had been gathered near yesterday! Seems two guys were having a ride in the woods and one came around a sharp corner and near on rode straight into a sow and her cub. Poor guy had nowhere to go. The helicopters buzzing about were looking for the bear, and it seems that if they find her, she will be shot.

I went to the post office to enquire as to whether they had my mail yet, and after having a good search for it, and then using their tracking system to identify where it was, I was told that the item had in fact not even been received by USPS. It seems the stuff being sent was sitting in a warehouse still somewhere in Atlanta. Bloody hell!

We decided to send them an email asking for a refund and head on towards Idaho! Woohoo. Back on the road! It’s amazing how quickly life can seemingly become stagnant when we have to stop and wait in one place for a bit. First world problem right there!

C – It was great to be back on the road again with little direction. We just knew we wanted to head west towards Idaho, then Washington, before dropping down into Oregon. So, we went west in search of a camping supplies store and more amazing scenery.

DSC03548 DSC03549

T – We headed south westwards, our next destination was Hells Canyon in Oregon where we wanted to attend a group meetup of some fellow CT110 owners. But we have the best part of two weeks to get there.



Our ride today took us down some deserted forestry gravel roads, through some heavily wooded areas and the out into rolling hilled cattle country. It was just beautiful. The riding amazing, the bikes amazing, and the scenery just stunning. What more could we ask for.

DSC03553 DSC03554

C – Thankfully, we found the replacement poles we needed and also, after reading about the grizzly bear attack near West Glacier, we purchased some bear bells to add to the air horn and bear spray defence system! I am not sure whether it is like a ringing a dinner bell though?? They sound suspiciously like an cow bell to me! Whilst in the car park of the camping store, we met a lovely couple from Canada. They were extremely kind and sincere in their well wishes and kindly gave us $20 towards our trip! We didn’t know what to say – other than thank you of course!

DSC03558 DSC03559 DSC03568

T – We rode up and over another pass, Mabel loves these things, both bikes working hard. Before coasting downhill and into a perfect camp ground beside another crystal clear river.

C – Each time I ventured to the toilet, I took the bell. And rang it like a dinner bell…. I am still here though and haven’t spotted a bear yet. I hope this is a good sign.

DSC03590 DSC03593 DSC03576

T – Tomorrow we shall head for Washington State. We are going to try to hit as many states as we possibly can while we head south.

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3 thoughts on “Idahooooooooo

  1. Rick Utter

    Met you guys Tues Morning at the Mcgillvary Camp ground when you were filling your water bottles. Got back home to Moyie Springs, Idaho and today Friday I went by the place where I work sometimes and found out you met two guys I work for when camping at Dickey Lake. They were on Bikes and camped there also. Small world. If your going to Hells Canyon you will see my home towns of Lewiston,Id and Clarkston,Washington. Best of luck I’ll be watching you and wishing I could be doing the same.
    Rick Utter

  2. Jax

    Aluminium poles are a necessity on a long trip

  3. Dar

    Beautiful scenery!

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