Going to the sun

T – Its so nice to wake up in a tent bathed in sunshine! Even if that tent is sagging and drooping all over your face.

We had to back track to a nearby town where I had spied a Laundromat and Shower block. Laundry day sux. But we were in dire need of some clean clothes.

C – Whilst Todd doesn’t enjoy laundry day, I kind of do. I very much enjoy a hot shower, washing my hair and then putting on nice clean clothes. Even if I only stay that way for a few hours!!

T – After we had finished our washing  we decided to enjoy a hot breakfast. There was a small diner nearby and they just so happened to be running a special on eggs, toast, sausage and bottomless coffee today. All this could be had for $5 each! Yes please!

With full bellies and clean clothes, we kicked our little red bikes into gear and threw ourselves at the mountains.


C – It was such a beautiful day, and the weather had been this way for a few days now, so we figured the Going to the Sun Road would be fantastic today. When we rode it last week, it was a white out and the views were lost with us spending the whole time trying desperately to see the yellow line on the road and not fall off of the edge. Today was definitely not like that. Clear blue skies and as we headed for the Glacier National Park entrance gates, the air was warm, the birds were chirping and we were singing.

DSC03533 DSC03528 DSC03536 DSC03531 DSC03538

T – Wow. What a ride! The road ran along a gorgeous little lake before steadily climbing, and climbing, and climbing to a touch over 2000 meters. Both bikes were running just perfectly, even Mabel seemed to have decided to behave, for a change.


The road was very busy and we were stuck to a 3rd gear crawl as a long line of traffic snaked along. People had phones hanging out of every window and sunroof we could see. Snapping pics of the beautiful scenery. The visitors centre at the summit of Logans Pass was even more crowded, the parking lot was chokka block full. Unless you rode a bike, in which case there was heaps of little areas in which to park.


C – The traffic on the road didn’t take away from the amazing scenery on the climb. And for once, we would actually keep up with the speed of the traffic. I can not describe how breathtaking the scenery was and it was amazing to see what was actually there after such low visibility on our last attempt. The visitors centre was surrounded by beautiful, glistening snow with people playing about in it in all directions. So, we jumped in the fun and after a few thrown snowballs and sliding down a slope on my butt, consequently filling up my jeans with icey cold snow, we decided it was enough snow play.

DSC03519 DSC03521

T – While we were wandering around two guys came up to Chantelle. One of them recognising her and the bikes from our blog which he had been reading. It was really cool to meet them and we had a great chat up on top of the mountain. Jim and Ross were on a bit of a ride themselves and looked to be having a ball! So lovely to meet you both!


Then we basically coasted all the way downhill to another visitors centre, which was a little quieter and had the added bonus of a little bit of history on the First Nations of the area. It told a sad story of the way the land and the mountains had been taken from them.

We decided that we would like to camp back where we had last night, and so it was back up and over the pass again. Now, Mabel has done this pass 3 times, I figure that equates to her have climbed a 6000 meter pass. No?



A few miles from where we were camping, we passed a big group of cars gathered on the side of the road. There was Ambulances, Police, and Ranger cars everywhere, plus helicopters buzzing away overhead.  Looked pretty serious and the track they were all gathered around was roped off with crime scene tape.

We arrived back in camp and ended up with a spot right on the river. Glorious! We finished our bottle of red wine and enjoyed the warm sun.

DSC03540 DSC03543 DSC03542

Tomorrow we are heading back into Columbia Falls. The last package should be there by now and if not we shall see what USPS can tell us in regards to where it is. We are both getting itchy to get back on the road again.


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4 thoughts on “Going to the sun

  1. Jax

    Good use of duct tape!!

    • tncpowell

      Or as it’s called over here duck tape in a lot of shops!

  2. Jax


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