Waiting waiting…

T – What a lovely sleep in. We woke up to a toasty warm tent on a toasty warm morning. So lovely!!

Today we were heading back towards Columbia Falls. We had everything crossed and hoped our packages would be waiting there for us. So far we are finding it a bit hard to judge how long we should allow for a package to turn up. Do we order it 2 thousand km’s away? Or a 100 km’s away? I stuffed it up this time though. We could potentially be spending a week waiting in Columbia Falls.

Oh well. Better make the most of it.

We knew we would have another amazing day of riding ahead of us today. We had a map showing us the back roads through all the national forest, which meant we wouldn’t have to double back on ourselves, and could find the roads that no one else was using.


C – It was a lovely morning, with the warm sunshine and a view over the beautiful lake whilst we enjoyed tea and coffee. I must admit I dawdled a bit packing up this morning, as I was so enjoying wearing shorts and having the sun soak into my now lilly white legs!! As a consequence, Todd ended up packing up the tent on his own, but we were soon strapped down and ready to go! I was looking forward to the ride today as we had planned a nice little route through the backroads.

T – Then I lost the map.

We relied on some dodgey mobile phone maps to help us find a way through some logging trails. What a ride! We followed a narrow gravel road up into the mountains. Climbing for what seemed an eternity. The views were staggering. There had been some extensive logging up there and then a fire had also gone through, burning the remaining timber to the ground. This gave us some great vistas over the surrounding mountain sides.

DSC03497 DSC03499

We were hoping to see a grizzly bear, as we haven’t seen one on our travels yet. But alas there was none. Just a few white tailed deer how loped away from us, tails straight up in the air, the moment we approached them.

C – We didn’t have breakfast this morning as neither of us were particularly hungry, so by lunch time we were starving and decided to stop in a lovely little free camping area, right on the edge of a thundering river. It was a beautiful spot to enjoy beans on toast.

T – The road eventually started to wind down, down, down. Mabel seemed to have had her weeties today as she was positively zooming along. Eating all the bumps and holes up with no problem. Even finding enough power to accelerate up the hills! I was well impressed!

DSC03501 DSC03502

We finally made our way back into Columbia Falls where we went to the post office. One package had arrived, with one more on the way. Checking on the internet at the library showed us that it was perhaps another two days away yet.

DSC03510 DSC03507

We decided to make the most of the extra days we had and plan to revisit the Going to the Sun Road. Seeing as the weather is so good the clouds will have hopefully lifted and we can see a little more up there than last time. Then once we have the package in hand, we will head west.

DSC03504 DSC03505 DSC03506

Tonight we found a freecamp right on a river. In the morning we plan on some laundry and a shower before tackling the mountains.

C – The free camp was pretty crowded, but still a lovely little spot. As we started to put the tent up, we both noticed that something was not quite right. Uh oh…. three sections of one of the tent poles was missing. Todd had done a double check of the camp site this morning but obviously we had missed it. Oooppss…. in a flash of brilliance, we decided instead of having one pole with 13 sections, one with 12 sections and one with 11 sections, we would make all of them 12…. it seemed like it might work better with them all having only one section each less. Well, it wasn’t the best idea really and after spending a lot of time laughing at our seriously odd looking tent, we managed to get everything packed away and enjoy a yummy dinner of veggies and pasta!

DSC03508 DSC03512

T – I lost the three sections of pole this morning. I had done a sweep of the camp area as we rode out, but I obviously missed seeing them.  Now our erected tent was about as erect as a wet piece of tissue paper. I was not happy with myself about this one.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting waiting…

  1. Dar

    So what happens about the tent? Can you find replacment poles?

    Ps You really don’t want to see a Grizzly bear, they can run faster than you postie bike can move.

    • tncpowell

      We bought ourselves some replacement poles. They seem to be working out ok! But we are going to contact Vango and let them know that we think they should improve the quality of the pole materials! Because we know they will listen to us! Hahah

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