What a day to ride!!

T – We thought that seeing as we were a little ways out here, that we might do a loop around the mountains in the local area. The sky was crystal clear blue and no clouds in sight. So we cheerily packed up camp and picked a nice little narrow back road through to the town of Libby.

The road was amazing. Narrow and winding for kilometre after kilometer. It had bouncing sections of rough pavement, gravelled potholes and views forever.

DSC03448 DSC03449

We loved it. And on top of all this, it was climbing into the low 30 degree heat that we had been searching so long for. Bliss.

C – The riding today was superb. Quiet backroads with amazing scenery and very little traffic. Wildlife all around us! The weather… absolute perfect. No jumper. No thermals. Just sunshine and one happy, smiling, singing, loving life Chantelle.


T – We made a quick stop in Libby for some lunch supplies before stopping just out of town in some shady grassy area and made some yummy banana sandwiches. They tasted so good.

DSC03455 DSC03457


We then followed the twisting turning road up and over some tall mountains before the road curved southwards and followed a massive lake.

DSC03461 DSC03465 DSC03467

We followed the steep cliffs of this quiet wondrous road for several miles until we found a lovely little free camp right down by the lakeside.

DSC03474 DSC03475 DSC03479

We dipped our feet into the cool water and had a glass of red wine. Today was a great day of riding. More great weather is to follow apparently, we couldn’t be happier!

DSC03485 DSC03490 DSC03488 DSC03492

Tomorrow we head back towards Columbia Falls. Hoping our packages have arrived.

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9 thoughts on “What a day to ride!!

  1. Jax

    Doing it tough I see.

    • tncpowell

      Oh it is awful!

  2. Dar

    Beautiful pictures! i’m glad you found the sun and some heat to throw off the vestiges of all the cool weather you’ve encountered. Any peanut butter on thise banana sandwiches?

    • tncpowell

      Peanut butter??? Hmm.. Maybe we will have to give that a try!

      • Dude you have to try peanut butter and banana sandwiches – OMG! Last night after reading your post I had to go hunt down some peanut butter, we didn’t have any bananas though. Guess what I had for lunch today thought peanut butter and banana.

        • tncpowell

          YUMMMMMM. Wheres ours???????

          • bocutter Ed

            PB&B is even better with honey …

          • tncpowell

            Oh my. Im going to get so fat over here if you mob keep filling my head with these delicious ideas!

          • tncpowell

            Sounds yum!

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