Relaxation and gorgeous gorgeous sunshine!

C – I had a solid nights sleep last night, snuggling down into my sleeping bag quite early. I therefore woke up quiet early and tentatively peeked out of the tent. SUNSHINE!!! It was quite chilly still, but at least there was beautiful blue sky sunshine!

DSC03419 DSC03421

T – Well today was a very uneventful day. I changed Rosies bald front tyre for a new one, we rode about 10 minutes up the highway to a bottle shop for some red wine, and then spent the whole day lazing about in the sun reading our kindles.

I read a book about 2 guys who rode together from Europe through to Thailand. I finished that and then decided to read Nathan Millwards book again, about his trip from Australia to England on a postie bike.

I ate a lot of biscuits, drank wine and hung my clothes out to dry and mulled our new life over.



C – It was a lovely day chilling out in camp. Although anyone that went passed must of wondered who on earth was staying in that site. Everything that stood up was covered in clothes or our possessions, drying in the sun. I spent most of the day chasing the bright sunshine around our camp, as it moved across the sky, with my stinking wet boots and socks in tow!

T – Generally when you read other peoples stories about extended life on the road on a motorcycle they don’t talk much about the gross stuff. Like how our boots and socks managed to fill our tent with a sickly sweaty swampy smell every day when we take them off. Or how after just two days of no showers your thermal pants take on a smell of indescribable odours from being locked away against sweating groins and bottoms. Of how the constant need to wear wet weather pants means that any sweat is soaked up by the layers of fabric between your skin and said waterproof/windproof non breathable pants, and creates a damp smelling fungal awfulness that surges forth into the tent the moment those plastic pants are removed.  Oh the list could go on!

But the flip side to this life is the chance to wake up every day somewhere new. To meet new and varied people. To overcome new challenges of the mechanical kind and environmental kind. And they make our days great. Even though we are tied to a thin ribbon of road that must inevitably lead to a fuelling point. This is still a life full of freedom. Of choices. Of where to go. Of who to see. Would I trade it in for clean clothes and securities? Not just yet. Though I am sure that time may come.

DSC03425 DSC03432 DSC03446

Hopefully tomorrow our packages will come and we can head onwards. We are hoping to cross paths with a lovely couple who have been in contact with us through ADVRider. Possibly when we head towards South Dakota and Sturgis?

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6 thoughts on “Relaxation and gorgeous gorgeous sunshine!

  1. Jax

    If you need something to read there’s a free eBook here.

    • tncpowell

      Have it already! I’ll put it on the kindle tonight! hows it all going over there?

      • Jax

        It’s cold!
        And I have two grumpy bikes in the back yard.

        • tncpowell

          Aww. Mo would like it over here! You can still tag along with us…. 🙂

  2. Dar

    Alrighty my dear friends you need to invest in some breathable goretex gear which will eliminate heat and moisture retention, yup its pricey, but you will reap the rewards in comfort and breathability. i’d contact KLiM they make amazing technical goretex riding gear and who knows if you show them your bloggio and talk to them about your epic adventure maybe they will do something for you. As for the motorcycle boots not much eliminates foot funk, try rinsing your feet with apple cider vinegar and wiping your boots out with it, I hear it kills bacteria that generates foot stink.

    • tncpowell

      Thanks for that! We will have to sort something out eventually I am sure. Mmm apple cider….

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