Dipping in Dickie lake

T – What a night last night. We had so many cars turning up at the neighbours camp. It got to the point where Chantelle couldn’t sleep. Partly in fear of the other young kids coming back to finish the fight they had started and partly due to the constant barrage of bright headlights shining into our ten while loud rap music played from the car stereo. I was so tired that I slept through most of it. Chantelle not sleeping til some point after 3am.

C – After a sleepless night I was hoping for some sunshine today. The weather on Google had promised me sunshine and 30 degrees… alas, it was not looking that way when we climbed out of the tent.

T – Being that it had rained constantly all night our camp was dripping wet today. It meant having to pack up a wet tent. We slowly put everything away while the rain drizzled slowly down on us. We were both aching for a string of nice sunny days now.

We made as much noise as possible, hoping to disrupt the sleeping of the drunken morons. There was no movement from their tent and seeing as we were both irritated by them for their efforts last night I decided to pull up right outside their tent on Mabel and give a rev of her engine, a beep of her chirpy little horn and yell at them to get themselves out of bed. Especially as the little sods had borrowed our frying pan to cook their dinner and then returned it without first washing it!

DSC03394 DSC03395

We rode the short distance into Columbia Falls. Not knowing what to expect here. The grey overcast weather reflecting our moods.

As we were pulling into town we decided that we would treat ourselves to a good American diner hot breakfast and some bottomless coffee.

Columbia Falls seemed a down on its luck type of town. Or maybe it was the weather affecting our perceptions of it. We found a diner called the Night Owl where they served massive breakfasts for cheap, to us, prices. Damn it was good! So good!

Then it was off to the library where we had access to a power point and some free wifi with which to blog. We spent a couple of hours there, tucked away into the warmth.

Then it was off to buy some groceries and find a camp. Chantelle being very unwilling to freecamp at this point. Her theory being that if people had to pay to camp in a proper campsite that we may not have to go through another experience like last night.

We rode out of town and headed west. We had some things coming in the mail here to Columbia falls, but the tracking numbers showed that we would be waiting a few days at least. So time to go exploring the local area!

We followed Highway 93 along, stopping in to check out some campsites. They were either full or crazily expensive. We continued on about 60 kms before finally finding a gorgeous little campsite at North Dickie Lake for just $10 a night with fresh water and toilets.


C – I was so pleased when we found the North Dickey Lake campsite. It was absolutely beautiful and I knew that we would have a nice, quiet nights sleep here!!!

T – We set up camp and had a chat to a pair of bikers who had spent a long weekend riding all over the local area and were on their final leg back home to Idaho.

Then it was dinner time and a little bit of TV before bed. We have started watching Everybody Loves Raymond but aren’t really getting into it just yet.

We think we might just spend a day in this camp tomorrow, having a break off the roads and hopefully if the sun comes out, drying out our riding gear.

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